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  1. No need to stalk when you say it :good: . Lifeless saying i m a no-lifer cause i pass some time here haha. Bye lifeless :lol: . Go buy a life or create a new one, im out now, when you wanna talk 1x1, we do cause with your boyfriends helping you in 5-6x1 it's easy to have the word :facepalm:
  2. Just answer this before say i m a "no-lifer emo". How long you stay in front of your pc screen? 15-20h? :give_rose: . Real life is out of the pc sulla, learn it :lol:
  3. Said the guy that got banned... 3 times maybe? No, more :)
  4. Why you judged me too with your boyfriend when i wanted to be an emo? You still think i m an emo... always said i didn't cut my arms when i really did. And now you call them friends... I m sure they would let you alone in the first problem you have. Try get real life friends instead of internet friends.
  5. Congratulations for be his wife. "Not offensive" means? Why you bad people only look for the bad sides? He said he is bisexual. A gay person with a girlfriend is a bisexual person. Can't you(all) learn it?
  6. Everybody in your country talk well english?He said "all" brazillians don't talk english well. You changed, but too blind to know about yourself.
  7. Don't forget you can be +10 for free, just drop many of the item and many spheres and obviously have luck :good:
  8. I guess only astral laby and berengar's cave are "dungeons"
  9. If they are rich, why care about lose a small quantity of money? :tease: 0.7, we didn't pay anything and the game stayed on for some months. 1.0. people only buy pots, scrolls and costumes. game on for some time. now, amplify system, signs, costumes, pots, scrolls. game still on. i guess they can survive without so much money :good:
  10. Anyway, thank you mercurial for show one more time how immature and kid you are :give_rose: . You know i will always love make you look like that :lol: . Bloody, you so beautiful, i like you man, really love you. I guess people will call me gay for it but i don't care, sorry if you didn't understand the real sense of the phrase but i love you :give_rose: . Edit: It's so funny that you while at elf was a great person and after go to mc... you change so much. Just like shy. Red after come to elf side he be a so great guy. Guess you all take it to your lifes... cause you life in warspear... too sad that ever you living in that game, you still not able to win a simply fight. Girl :give_rose:
  11. Yeah... it would be good to get some gold ;D
  12. My last post with you hypocrites, after this, do what you think it's right.A gay with a girlfriend isn't totally a gay, is a bisexual like himself said. You people say i m wrong just cause of my age, if i was a 70yo guy you would all shut up and see i m right... You say i create the history, but it's all true, every country have people that don't ever talk the country's language. So all country have at least one person that don't talk English... Be happy calling others hypocrite while you are one. Insulting others to make them insult you. Saying others are insulting someone to simply judge them wrong. Be happy bad heart people.
  13. apply this to my post and you will understand how hypocrite you are :fool: A= you. B = me. A: You brazillian people don't know english. Then B show A that people of his country don't know english too. B: Hypocrite A: B, you judge the people by the way they look. then A go and judge B by the way he look to write. B: Hypocrite. i can show you more if you want :good: Judging me by my age, nice ;D .You two keep doing it cause it's cool for me show how wrong people are. Yes, this profile name is bad, i created it before know the good things of life. Before learn how to do the right things :good: I didn't make assumptions. He said he likes men. Go read the posts :pleasantry: . Did you grow up? Still insulting people... Still must be always right... Still insecure... so answer, did you grow up to say me to do it? At least i try to be good and be right. You still do the same things as always :facepalm: . Sorry hypocrites, but i will leave to let you rise as you want.
  14. Using your language about hypocrites now. "never said i didn't troll or insult anyone" so you did troll and insult and now accuse me of doing it. You did shit to yourself and then went accuse me of doing the same shit hahaha, hypocrite!And now, you come insult all Brazil's people saying they don't know anything about english while in your country, not everybody know english too, hahaha, hypocrite! Look, you say i do it often but you did it twice in just one post hahaha, hypocrite :lol: !!! He said he like men. Hypocrite.Accusing me of judging the people while you do this to me. True, but some leave it, others keep doing it. Hope you know it's time to leave it.
  15. Hi hypocrite :lol: .Show me doing the wrong thing :lol: . on the present, the past is forgotten. Show me acting like a moderator. And, if you read again i didn't call him gay, i will explain to you. the (Not offensive) change the expression. With it on the front, it means: "You are like a gay cause you like boys but have a girlfriend (not gay)." Sorry if you don't know what "Not offensive" means... use a dictionary :good:
  16. search in dictionary and say if i m wrong :good: ."hypocrite, who don't act like he/she appears to act"
  17. You seeing my penis bro :blush: .Hypocrite you call me? haha, you people are cause you do the wrong while say others do the right and then accuse them for the same thing! When i said to don't show nudity, if you see before, some people was asking people to make nude screens. Hypocrite :facepalm:
  18. People never understand english anyway... read again and see if you can understand or i explain better for you later :good: So you only think about my past... nice, i bet your past was very good and you never insulted or trolled anyone. You had a perfect saint past... sorry if i m not like you :pardon: It's forbidden to say the rules? Then go and report me for showing you what you are doing wrong :good:
  19. U didn't ever play 0.7 ;D .Anyway, 14-15months is enough time to learn almost everything of this game. I have 22 months i think on this game and i know a guy that said he have 5y~ (russian). It was enough to learn many game mechanics and also learn how to beat all classeswith all class :friends:
  20. I will tell you the true motive to be a impossible quest, it has 20 lvl19 npcs always hitting 170 :friends:
  21. You is a gay with a girlfriend... (Not offensive)anyway, nudity is forbidden so please don't show it! (both women and men)
  22. why look for a in-game girlfriend while you can have a better girlfriend in real life? :friends:
  23. Girl, if you with him saying i spammed saying just once "lol". Go and report my post, *i bet it will be deleted* Or do better and go learn what is spam, thing you and he don't know yet :unknw:
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