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High levels...

Why high levels in island 1 almost always say... "I help if you pay 100-200g"  

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  1. 1. Why high levels in island 1 almost always say... "I help if you pay 100-200g"

    • Why they
    • need gold
    • if they
    • are
    • rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Because they are dirtbags. I have never asked for money when i have been at 1st islands unless i have been offered something, even then i'd rather have them keep the gold. Don't want to see ppl at lvl20 arena with lvl9 weapons -.-



I wouldn't have thought you would see lvl 20 players with lvl 9 weapons unless they were messing around, haha.

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My reply to this topic :

Not for me. When i was still very active on ws, i used to help newbies or low lvl ppls in 1st island (more likely) and in 2nd island. I was only lvl 16 at that time. And i kept helping ppls until i got lvl 20. Ah, maybe some ppls know 'Nestly', by this druid i helped ppls. I never help for gold or items.

Making new friends is kinda tough for non-mccoin user.But if u are,amp all equips to+10 and wahla new players pmng u

No no no, this perception is totally wrong. I was not a mcoin users, but i got many many friends. And new players beg for the help not only to high amped ppls, but to all ppls who they think could help them.
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