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  1. new skill: troll it will stun everybody in location and go invisible for 19 min :wacko:
  2. tank? :rofl: its ranger :blush:
  3. sexybow


    E kyl varmaa tekis uutta heroo :bad:
  4. sexybow

    Paladin Stats

    Still full lvl 9 items But when i buy mcoin ill buy full lvl 13 items
  5. What if in next update paladins heal would damage all surrounding enemies and mobs xD
  6. I came online (spawned to pvp cave) There ware no mc I went to mc caravan There were only 5 mc What happened?
  7. sorry to say this but theres no sush thing as ''unblock'' :'( R.I.P :'(
  8. change it to teleport ;D
  9. pro tip: make ranger :blush:
  10. sexybow

    Rogue guild?

    you need to ask for help from others :good:
  11. ite pystyn pelaa vaa aamuisi :'( paitsi viiko loppusi ehkä :blush:
  12. hey all... stop spamming here :facepalm: if you think... it is always better than nothing... 8)
  13. lol :facepalm: all join eu ... moi :yahoo:
  14. sexybow


    why rogues can go invisible in trap? :cray:
  15. join us in EU :drinks:
  16. :blush: rogue=darkzain mage=nachi
  17. jayrox why ur youtube videos lag :facepalm:
  18. xxpalagirl rly girl? :wacko:
  19. welcome to warspear :clapping: if you make elf just pm to 1 of my chars and i can help you :drinks:
  20. bees works on noob rogues good :blush: (you use bees they stun go invisible but they come back cause bees are still on :facepalm: )
  21. sexybow

    Paladin Stats

    these are better now :facepalm: these are old picks when i ware weaker :blush:
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