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  1. I doubt u read them all, u just put the most viewed ones here and gave them all 5k MC..
  2. When shall u announce the winners??
  3. I'm not much of a cat person myself, but after these photos u guys posted I'm going to buy one! :clapping: :give_rose:
  4. Well done, I myself made a guide, but You guys rly put lots of effort in ur work! Hope u win, hope I get 3k extra prize :3 xD Good luck ;)
  5. Your horses really are beautiful I know it, trust me , where I live there are horses everywhere! I see them even when I'm asleep xDBut you can trust me when I say that you're even more beautiful :blush: #sweettalks #yeahushouldfeelgood^^
  6. Lady u just copied ur guide from "Guides" section xD, but still it hlped me and I hope u win 1st prize! :good:
  7. I guess if u are going lvl 10 arena 5 power and split the rest on bless/scatter
  8. They're rly are noobs :D
  9. I wasn't on forum so yeah bb gladiator+ unity pot D:
  10. Nixa

    "Secret skill"

    Hehe nice, i didn't know for paladin poison but i knew for necro ^^
  11. Short , sweet, wasn't too lazy to read , yeahh!! ^^ xD
  12. Nice guide! ;) Hope u win what u deserve! :D
  13. Hello everyone! There's a contest so I thought I'd give it a try! :) When I was just starting WS I couldn't make my mind up which class should I take. I generaly didn't know anything about them because I was too lazy to read so from my former MMORPG experience I chose RANGER. I have no regrets but maybe some of you prefer tanky or supporting class. So here's my oppinion: First of all there are 4 factions in WS. Firstborns Chosen Forsaken Mountain clans Firstborns and Chosen factions are in alliance so as Forsaken and Mountain clans. In every faction you will find 3 classes and their roles are damaging,tanking and supporting. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Firstborns highest damage dealer is Ranger -with his trap and scatter shot (fear) he's able to lure melee enemies and kill them very quickly with his ranger blessing and powerful shot spells. Bladedancer- bladedancer is the tanking kind of character althought he can be played as tanky/damage way.With his high HP and armor he's able to endure high amounts of incoming damage and with his high dmg he can destroy every object in his way. Druid - in firstborn faction he's in control of supporting.With his healing dew spell in combine with astral magic he can heal high amounts of HP, and he can protect himself (or his allies) with barkskin spell to reduce incoming damage, and I have to mention his entangling roots spell that humilliates melee enemies! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Chosen faction Mage is the man when it comes to damaging foes.- He's able to devour anyone in his way with his fireball,stone shatters and time warp spells but his time warp spell also can be used to escape from danger because it teleports you to a location u chose dealing damage around that point to enemies. Paladin - paladin is a two way street. Everyone usually build him as a tank by equiping shield + one handed weapon but he can also deal high amounts of damage when equiped with two handed weapon. He can also heal himself (or allies) and is a major threat to rougues with his fetters of justice skills. Priest- priest is the supporting type in chosen faction:He can shield and heal his allies but his heal is different from druids because druid has during time heal and priest has instant heal (but with hight amount), and his shield absorbs damage and druids just reduces it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you like surprise attacks Mountain clans are just your thing. Rougues- they are high damage dealers in MC , with their stealth and dual wield specialization they are sure to surprise you with one-hit kill. But they are easily lured by range characters so make sure you get your enemies in close combat. Barbarian- my opinion is that barbarians are THE BEST when it comes to engaging in battle.They have charge skill and they can instantly rush to the enemy and stun them, but stun is not 100% certain deal.They are tanks in MC faction, but he can also deal loads of damage. Shaman- shamans have supporting role here, and their heal is also like druids over some time.They have aoe stunning skill so if you play as him make sure you hit as many enemies as you can. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Forsakenfaction hasWarlock- warlocks deal HUGE amounts of damage, with their darck circle skill they are sure to catch any foe that are running from them. Warlocks also can fear the enemy so it's very hard for meele ( and range characters too) characters to catch them. Deathknight- if you don't like charging in like barbarian, but bringing the fight to you, DK is your man.He can pull an enemy to himself and burst him down easily.Deathknighst are tanks in forsaken faction, but as you know so far, it's always up to you if you want to tank or deal highest damage. Necromancer- healing,shielding,reducing enemies health points, necro can do anything! They sure are something when it comes to protecting your friends , hunting, farming, everything! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Everyone has their style of playing, so here's my guide to help you decide :) . P.S. I'm sorry for me typoes. :blush:
  14. Audrius, That's your oppinion.. everyone has different definitions of beauty, but who gave you rights to call someone ugly? :diablo: :bad: :cray:
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