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  1. I doubt u read them all, u just put the most viewed ones here and gave them all 5k MC..
  2. When shall u announce the winners??
  3. I'm not much of a cat person myself, but after these photos u guys posted I'm going to buy one! :clapping: :give_rose:
  4. Well done, I myself made a guide, but You guys rly put lots of effort in ur work! Hope u win, hope I get 3k extra prize :3 xD Good luck ;)
  5. Your horses really are beautiful I know it, trust me , where I live there are horses everywhere! I see them even when I'm asleep xDBut you can trust me when I say that you're even more beautiful :blush: #sweettalks #yeahushouldfeelgood^^
  6. Lady u just copied ur guide from "Guides" section xD, but still it hlped me and I hope u win 1st prize! :good:
  7. I guess if u are going lvl 10 arena 5 power and split the rest on bless/scatter
  8. They're rly are noobs :D
  9. I wasn't on forum so yeah bb gladiator+ unity pot D:
  10. Nixa

    "Secret skill"

    Hehe nice, i didn't know for paladin poison but i knew for necro ^^
  11. Short , sweet, wasn't too lazy to read , yeahh!! ^^ xD
  12. Nice guide! ;) Hope u win what u deserve! :D
  13. Hello everyone! There's a contest so I thought I'd give it a try! :) When I was just starting WS I couldn't make my mind up which class should I take. I generaly didn't know anything about them because I was too lazy to read so from my former MMORPG experience I chose RANGER. I have no regrets but maybe some of you prefer tanky or supporting class. So here's my oppinion: First of all there are 4 factions in WS. Firstborns Chosen Forsaken Mountain clans Firstborns and Chosen factions are in alliance so as Forsaken and Mountain clans. In every faction you will find 3 c
  14. Audrius, That's your oppinion.. everyone has different definitions of beauty, but who gave you rights to call someone ugly? :diablo: :bad: :cray:
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