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post what you're listening to right now

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"Watashi ga tsuiteru kara ne? Yuki aishiteru! Kakkoii ! Yuki ga mitekureta! Shiawase da na! Mamoru no! Yuki daijobu nano! Nandemo suru yo! Tasukete ni kita yo, Kaerou Yuki! Mitsuketa yo Yuki!! Watashi no mite! Aishi! Oyome-san ni nata ageru! Yukatta ne? Nani wo gise ni suru! Yume no you da! Yuki 6x Yuno ga mamotte ageru! Yuki 6x Yuki wa mite dakara! Yuki 6x Isshou ni kaerou ne? Yuki 6x"


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Beh im listening at break class 30seconds to mars mostly of times ,  attack , the fantasy , closer to the edge , the kill etc etc also eminem , all mmlp 2  and some others albums, now i am at my last school hour hehehehe doing english i feel pro our lvl in classroom and in spain... is  patethic  thats why sometimes I speak spanglish xD

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