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  1. that feel when you stoped playing months ago and u go to mc side to pm someone and catch people still talking about marceline :D the feel you'll never get. support > resend password to original owner :dirol: what do you care? still lurking behind me i see from that green name, we friends? ;D
  2. carefull aparently saying abc is dead gets you hunted by a certain member of abc ;D
  3. ~u reply to sulla with words instead of lame arena ss, very much wow.
  4. looks cool, might give it a go instead of going back to WS
  5. on the second SS your friend is saying he hates black people, smelly apes he says :diablo: :aggressive:
  6. egoist is a girl, thats what mecha meant ;D
  7. every class can be op/terrible in the right/wrong hands. if both skilled players then range > melee, unless these recent changes balanced that a little.
  8. how can i let go when that person always claims to know a lot? already did by that time. "relax, i got this" "ill kite him" ;D
  9. egoist once tried to kite a healing paladin with a dk, nuff said :) i know i've said that many times already but it was just so memorable of an obvious fail that i cant let it go.
  10. right back at ya :P how far can a bd with no weapons equiped go into mc land? first city :dirol:
  11. "some mods" :P to whoever thinks he fits the description (i dont think you do, im sure you know you dont fit that description as well so you know it wasnt directed at you, in fact you know exactly who i mean) OVER 9000!
  12. i said "most mods", first i typed only "mods" but i corrected before i posted so i'd be fair for the good mods of this forum. but just for the record, simply deleting posts doesnt really improve anything. its like when a guy goes to the toilet and doesnt put the toilet seat up, doing a smelly mess for the next person that wants to sit down. if you just clean that toilet seat you'll have to keep doing it forever. but if you "teach" that guy to put the toilet seat up you wont have to keep cleaning it :P
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