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  2. Americans are noobs why use month/date. Is it not logical to have date/month? Weird newbs. 420 BLAZE IT. Boney or fat?
  3. Can someone tell me if sharing account is illegal or what? I hear you can share it but at your own risk?
  4. Tbh good suggestion. I mean the rarest costumes dont have to have the best stats. It could differentiate between drops from costume bosses or something from chests. You could even make the gayest costumes have the strongest stats or something. Idk.
  5. Lmao racist guy who keeps talking about asians have small d!cks xD he was so funny xD Man I miss old ws. Good days i tell you. There's no drama in ws how boring.
  6. Spam arena. What's more interesting? Looking at a clock or looking at the ceiling?
  7. CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. I really doubt since they have it in the guild skill now... I dont see the point in suggestions... They never actually make anything happen from these suggestions lol.
  9. My scientific calculator said -980 duck U AND UR MATHS Q Do you think choas potions price should be lowered?
  10. What will I do? I wouldn't read that long a$$ essay that you just wrote. What do you want to do in life?
  11. Depends on who you're going against. But I suggest if you're going up against: (In order) 1>2>3>4 Melees: Blind > Earthquake > Fire Totem > Lightning Shield Rangers: Blind > Lightning Shield > Fire Totem > Ball Lightning Healers: Blind > Heal > Fire Totem > Lightning Shield With warlocks... Well basically you're fecked xD But if u can kite and avoid stuns then: Expert shield > Stun > Heal > Totem For arena (General): 2x2/3x3: Blind > Heal > Fire Totem > Quake 5x5: Quake > Blind > Totem > Heal Hope that helps.
  12. Seriously? With no disrespect but c'mon seriously a mobile game in a HD tv? seriously?
  13. MuMei

    one day?

    I'm not your (Graphic description embellishing uncharacteristic behavior), cretin.
  14. AHahah my bad I forgot lol. I'd rather sing xD. What instruments do you play?
  15. Oooo tough one. I think I'd rather do music because you can sing whilst playing warspear xD
  16. yes because sometimes I just think I'm gonna fail my pharmacy course cause I can't do basic maths What should I order? Chinese or pizza?
  17. o my god. u exist in this game? =O *gives up the contest* (no homo) (no offence if u r)
  18. Finally I know what you look like u nub. GO JARL GOOOOOOO!!! GL!!!
  19. You, my dear sir, are an absolute warspear nerd and the only lore I've discovered is a fat creature called pvprange. Hue. Are you sad that Gay Malik has left ONE DIRECTION?
  20. I don't understand why he needed to add the noob in the first place...
  21. why dont you just edit it lol. The toilet seat tho
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