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i would respect an enemy more if he used crossing wisely to kill 2-3 of us when we outnumber him 5 v 1, then run away or log off, .or run in middle to die in 2 sec like suicidal idiot, in war's there is no rules, use best tactic to survive and defeat your enemy :lol:


Elfs use crossing to log off or stand there 20mins pissing pants when outnumbered not attking, we kill using it, who is the smarter enemy by turning a hiding spot into a weapon ? :P


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You die a lot cause you get of the crossing "your favorite spot"  :cray: :cray:


I die, yep :D

u die too, yep  :dirol:


cool @[email protected] why u dont screen shot on nadir  :crazy:


i'm walking in Nadir, u alone, why u no atack me?  :wacko:



__ :D

After allu go out, asker for Madona, i ll go for u place, around Kratt, and kill he 3 times  :give_rose:

Ps: Madona use crossing 2 time :D

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