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  1. Hi all \o/ I came here for say bye :) It was good the time I spent with you, but I'll have to go :cray: I thank all those who played with me I'll miss all ppl \o/ In My country no have support, and the game is very bored for me now :shout: I'm very bussy and can't play. Thx for all friends who accompanied me in this game. Nd thx too for all "enemies"which made the game better. :) Luv u Guys :D TVD Fans :give_rose: The noob say Bye now ;) :drinks: Enjoy and be happy \o/ Want join on My Facebook, just add and say how u is :D http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001496802707 maybe ill go give/sell my account ;)
  2. Oh shit :( i want update soon :(
  3. Well, fist time, thx for Up, very cool nd good :D - Taunt: enemy character loses his target and has disabled your active skills Its work, when u click on skill nd BD or Barb Use it, u lost target and nedd click in skill again. All time when one Barb/BD use it in me, work smotly ::) _______________ For play in arena really nedd good strategy, mix team nd use new skill! Now u cant use all skill, ofc nedd make a good strategy for have good skill.
  4. Ranger win stun now? :shok: Well, now if this is true, it will be a big problem ;D
  5. WOW Very Colll, im w8ting for play the Best game for phone :diablo:
  6. Bom! Vamos por parte. Realmente tem que pesquisar o quanto sua operadora cobra, pode ser que a Oi cobre menos que a Claro, mas isso só entrando em contato mesmo, e perguntar o quanto eles combrar por sms "internacional". A taxa de Cambio ontem era de 1,78 $ Então o Dolar está subindo cada vez mais, comprar agora é burrice :D :pardon: Use google tradutor and try undestend XD :P
  7. Exchange LIGHT CAPE ( Cloak With Astral) :D For Acute Dirk, Qualitative Signet or Qualitative Signet-Ring EU-ESMERALD
  8. Exchange LIGHT CAPE For Acute Dirk, Qualitative Signet or Qualitative Signet-Ring EU-ESMERALD :)
  9. =OWow, all want kill the Fat barb :P ___ My regen Less 1, but No problems, i want good news next week :D
  10. Congrats Smurf :D Very luck for u ;)
  11. Maybe one Bug in regen of Rogue. Lets go, have a lot prints :) First my equips... Now Sulla Equips: And Sulla have 2 Rings same it Why my regen is 111, and Sulla regen is 114? Thx for all ;) Edit: Both lvl 18
  12. Cant connect in server, all time apper it :cray:
  13. Buy or Exchange: Qualitative Signet-Ring I no have SS now :D but u have nd want exchange PM me in game dantebsb or reply here Eu-Esmerald edit again
  14. I want buy it, or trade :D PM me dantebsb or reply in forum :D
  15. Stranger,But maybe u can change the date in u phone and try again. Or u can hacker u phone for no more nedd certificate :)
  16. hahah i see, but he die very fast, no chance :P
  17. Strid, u video go out youtube :D I make one well i Up just 2 for now, the other edit tomorrow :P Gutran :D Drogon :D the Last :D Lambert :)
  18. hi :D I send one question for support, but withou sucess :P Can buy with Paypal, just nedd one Card internatyonal or have other site for help. paypalfacil :P
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