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  1. dont make double posts. Use edit and quote function. I know many guys which want to start hunting or already start it. I'm sure you find them. Only one problem is 5 slots in Marcin's party ;D .
  2. Great cooperate play. All knows well what to do. You are great guys :drinks: .
  3. U never stop that stupid fight huh?
  4. Balance is barbarian. I didn't get your point. Balance is when all classes can fight and win in combat. Game is now good balanced and balance doesn't mean barbarian. You just don't know how to use your character thats all. For example Indo take me down last night in 6 hits (2 crt from distance) and I'm fully upgraded. Thats balance. Ask Siwers how easy he is killing me. Thats balance too because he got good items and he is higher level. Totally agree. So guys do not overpower your classes just learn how to play with them.
  5. Ok i understand. Do you really think Vanhelsing that I'm lazy? Well i could spend more time in game but well parents wont give me food like they do it 4 you. You know some of us need work to live. You will grow up someday and you will understand my point too.
  6. I think the point of that topic is to force Administrator to overpower that class. From my point of view (MC Barbarian) Ranger is most dangerous elf. Fast, dealing high damage, really hard to kill.
  7. I got two suggestions about Miracle Shop. Please add there Crimson Corundum because quests for that currencies are extremely hard and really not worth spend time 4 that. Sets in Buyer-up of Chainless League are worst than Berengar's set parts that we get after guards quest and 1 part cost is 150 CC so we need finish 15 extremely hard quests for one part from shop. C'mon. And second suggestion. Please add to Miracle Shop one part of Berengar's set which will unlock second set option. For example Helm of Berengar's Revenge and Brigandine of Berengar's Revenge unlocks set bonus +2,2% critic
  8. oh i get it :facepalm: . I was think about Miracle Coins... Now all is clean and clear. Thank you Siwers :good: . Topic can be closed now.
  9. I wonder how to buy something from NPC named Buyer of Chainless League. I got good level (icons are not red) and MC. When i choosing item and click on BUY i got info "not enough currency" but offcourse its not true. Maybe someone know answer.
  10. for now only one solution for small window is change screen resolution.
  11. you don't need to double post because its against the rules. Use quote code. No i don't want revenge. Just ask yourself if you are fair to others.
  12. double post (use edit function) listen you attacked me many times w/o reason. Now i can't proove it thats why we can stop talk about it. edit. Remember situation when you were on druid with friends on our side island. You all standing in line about 8 elves. Erwink MC from my pty ask me to come and see what you doing. When i come ONLY YOU attack me from those who stand there. After that Erwink said on pty chat that probably you don't like me because he wasn't attacked. p.s. Thanks for karma dude. I can change your karma too you know that? Now think if i should do that like you do
  13. I'm playing on Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Gameplay on that phone is bad when You install game on memory card (7 seconds crossing, no sound). After reinstall game client to phone memory all working almost like on PC but i got more crashes. Resuming: good phone 4 that game :good: .
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