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  1. Ty, i was lazy to wright that much. I think u explaned all, there shud be no more confusion here. Topic closed
  2. Sory kid i didn know i hurt yor feelings. Wont happen again i promise.
  3. LOL some one is on fire hahahahahahaha :D !
  4. Im not defending anything, im just awnsering topic questions, im the nicest guy in the world :D. And u trying to be nice?? By suporting barefoot who caled me idiot? Did i used any inappropriate words? After so much insulting im stil the one trying to be nce...
  5. This Barefootposter kid just insults on ewry topic, just ignore him man :)
  6. Warlunatic dont even try to explane them, they are hopeles. Now i understand why some pros left US . Gues we are luckey to start on EU, poor guys. Now US friends, dont trol this topic anymore, go spam elswhere, bad kids, wery bad :) .,
  7. smurfer is forum moderator, but he is on vecation .
  8. Tho one is stil active. Hi kid dont be shy to ask, il gladly explane u all about ws skills and efects, no need to be so agresive. And we all know u got google translate so plis dont spam that and stick to the topic. :)
  9. Im not angru, i even try to help them, but there is no way to get to them.
  10. Oh and i didnt see, Bravo Odin u can read :)! good for you, now only left to understand, but thats ok atleast ur smarter than other kid .
  11. O kid finaly gived up :), good boy. Good to kow, next time i try to explane something to you il use big pictures and screanshots :) ccc...
  12. If does work only on critical than is buged. How come no one can read, descriptio says: CRITICAL DAMAGE AND DAMAGE from plauers... Can u understand now..
  13. I got 22% and no use of it Sula, only those glowes for more hp. And omg that kid barefoot poster is wery mad, he is tiolling all ower, did i sad something to upset him?:D
  14. They will ban ewryone who tel the true, and who can see wath is realy happenig. Rainbowz was bad cos he showed wath is ws all abouth, so they terminated him. They dont care for forum rights. Same thing can happen to me or anyone, no mater of your status.
  15. Give invis to ewryone. Than no one wil complain :D!
  16. Welcome to the club. Soon ewryone wil join
  17. well i got most of my ingame friends on Google talk, anyone can find me there at [email protected]
  18. Cant u guys see no one is awnsering post, it is ower. This last update was just to colect as much money as possibile. The game is done for, soon forum will shut down too ,so use your last coments to say good bye to friends u had here. One way or another i had grate time playing with u all. If i ever insulted someone im sorry did not ment so. Anyway i hope to see u in some other game too pls dont change your nkcknames . Luv u alll . @wwwwww....
  19. Rogues are one sneaky class, dont u just love them :D
  20. nikictoni

    bye bye!

    If they dont fix new set and weapons im out to. They sold me melfunctioning product, easy just like that. And ofc im angry , who wuld not be...
  21. I took some time to test it ,but now that i got ful set and runes is almost on 25% ,i can tel u there is no damage reduction at all. Maybe it does afect crit but that dont mather much when u look at the atributes u lose is stad. So dont bother geting resi thil devs fix it...
  22. Trade Wrough belt for Excellent signet
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