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  1. Kitty is hot item :pleasantry: jason is a gay :good:
  2. Dear support team, I'm form Hong Kong, I have not good English skills, please forgive me. I would like to have some say. Thank you for all of u guys the support. I started playing this game in June, no one knew me until now we all know that all my chars. all of u guys call me crazy because i have 4 18level char now. I never thought i would get in the game a lot, but when I saw this topic today, after I was really touched ... Thank you for the three months to give me the memories. In these few day i get really unhappy on the account problem, even if I made ​​a
  3. i get nothing to say just post what i saw in game. (2,Oct,2011) GMT+8 15:00-19:00
  4. Here is the reply form Warspear Online Support Team !
  5. my 2account fafurion & dior still banned & still no any reply form my e-mail over 96hours , i to be curious why someone get unbaned already.
  6. Devilhell

    Support team

    i had send a support on 27,Sep2011 (GMT+8 16:00) , but i still havnt get any reply form my e-mail about my case. i already wait for 72hours or any more. may i know any player how long did u get reply form support? or any suggestion for me thank you very much~!
  7. that guys also tell marcin & Nofear to admin guys be careful~ :friends:
  8. something fun~ he only banned 1 account how about me 2account :D warspear!!!
  9. they still no yet reply me over 48hours :wacko:
  10. Fafurion & Dior for 2 :bomb:
  11. sin , i use 2 diff inter ip to get on line same time. if really is that reason ....how about my other 3 class why dnt they block too
  12. Eu server 1. Fafurion BD Eu server 2. Dior Druid i wanna to know why i get block , may i have the reason of that.... i havnt use any bug in the game & havnt recharge since 1.5.0 until 1.9.0 so that why i feel to be curious? thank you for your time
  13. My fafurion & Dior get block.... on today .... idk reason :shok:
  14. shy i miss u quick to come 2nd island work hard!!!! :clapping: :yahoo:
  15. the point is ....lower regen player will need more pot or food :D update new weapon or new drop items for player :D player will need to pay more crystal & runes finally after update 1.5.0-->1.9.0 recharge mircale coins price get change~! more expensive than 30-40% 2300coins for 9.99 us dollar 1.5.0version less 940coins 1360coins for 9.99us dollar 1.9.0version 5000coins for 19.99us dollar 1.5.0version less 2000coins 3000coins for 19.99us dollar 1.9.0version Just a business only!!!
  16. 4dmg is diff on wrought belt or wicker girdle i think is here
  17. hope yr acc will get bk after mainten or update on today~
  18. i will do something for u kai :good: let wait for my sceen shot
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