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  1. Ty, i was lazy to wright that much. I think u explaned all, there shud be no more confusion here. Topic closed
  2. Sory kid i didn know i hurt yor feelings. Wont happen again i promise.
  3. LOL some one is on fire hahahahahahaha :D !
  4. Im not defending anything, im just awnsering topic questions, im the nicest guy in the world :D. And u trying to be nice?? By suporting barefoot who caled me idiot? Did i used any inappropriate words? After so much insulting im stil the one trying to be nce...
  5. This Barefootposter kid just insults on ewry topic, just ignore him man :)
  6. Warlunatic dont even try to explane them, they are hopeles. Now i understand why some pros left US . Gues we are luckey to start on EU, poor guys. Now US friends, dont trol this topic anymore, go spam elswhere, bad kids, wery bad :) .,
  7. smurfer is forum moderator, but he is on vecation .
  8. Tho one is stil active. Hi kid dont be shy to ask, il gladly explane u all about ws skills and efects, no need to be so agresive. And we all know u got google translate so plis dont spam that and stick to the topic. :)
  9. Im not angru, i even try to help them, but there is no way to get to them.
  10. Oh and i didnt see, Bravo Odin u can read :)! good for you, now only left to understand, but thats ok atleast ur smarter than other kid .
  11. O kid finaly gived up :), good boy. Good to kow, next time i try to explane something to you il use big pictures and screanshots :) ccc...
  12. If does work only on critical than is buged. How come no one can read, descriptio says: CRITICAL DAMAGE AND DAMAGE from plauers... Can u understand now..
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