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is illuminate awkward?

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Hello guys,as a pally player,i had study banner 4/4 and call1/4,and going to study third expert skill and level up one.

I found illuminate's dmg higher than call by comparing to other pally,and it shorter CD.It seems its pretty good dmg skill for mdmg pally but it describe it would taunt surround mobs,for what i think i may killed in dg and lab.

So pls tell me your feeling when use illuminate,should i level it up?i dont want level a skill couldn't use in some major situation.

And which suggested for fourth expert skill?


Thanks everyone!

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Indeed, Illumination does aggro and at lvl 4 it's aggro effect becomes strong.

At least I know I've had some problems in Bg mythical dungeon when we had one paladin in there.

I healed warden, sometimes other playeres but always had to keep a third eye on paladin in case he decides to use illumination.

And when he did, the mobs could pretty much kill him in 6-12seconds, but he never died though, I reacted fast lol.

So to answer your question like I said, Illumination is an aggro skill but it does really good magic damage.

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Depends on many factors.

Your defensive stats and life steal, damage, which dungeon, and if you do only PvE or you also do PvP a lot.

If you can afford to try it out, don't save up on spending your gold for an oblivion book. It's not only fun to experiment with some new skill builds, but also you can learn about your class first-hand. Especially that what could apply to one Paladin, might not apply for the other, because of different gears, stats, and playstyle.

For me, I don't find it worth it do deal a bit more damage for the risk of dying. If I wanna go for a max damage build, I'd go for levelling call instead, since stun chance increases, not only damage. I assume, I'd be fine with maxed Illumination, but I would rather have a higher chance to stun since I play more PvP than PvE from time to time.

So I'd say try it out for yourself, if you see yourself dying too much, then it's not for you.

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