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  1. Just give me one of those t5 city guards with 30k HP to follow and help me around Pirate archipelago, and I'll be a happy camper. hehe
  2. They should increase the daily quest rewards at Kamp Riff/Camp of Legion as well. There are several, and I doubt people actually do them now. Not to mention there are quests people didn't even do few years ago like: Blood of Puma clan/Dinalt Knights. It still is the stupidest quest in my opinion. So much effort for a silly 5crimson. So yeah, increase cc there as well.
  3. It's the point that I can achieve without much hassle. Going +8is hard, which explains why there's a world chat notification for it. Usually sets me back 5-8sets. But with your method applied, I'd have to spend ~24sets and at least 90k gold, which does not look appealing. Your method is good for people who absolutely want to go +10, however I'd still want a choice in the matter. Either try your luck with singular signs/spheres OR just spend a certain amount of it for a guaranteed amplification. That would be my solution at least.
  4. as someone who amplifies to approx +7, I'd totally not want this.
  5. I'm gonna have zero expectations about this one and I can bet it will still manage to disappoint me.
  6. I don't know about the others but I kind of fail to see anything exciting about this
  7. wow so it's true, I am so disappointed. I was casting shield after each def buff thinking it'd make a difference. What a bunch of bs
  8. Ah yeah, this thing called "Name selling", which I find absolutely scummy
  9. Then they should increase the amount of points given, if they aim to increase the difficulty of the said achievement. Furthermore: they should increase the medals for some other achievements like participating in 100wars, killing 1000players.
  10. Indeed. That's why I didn't bother with quests like that. I'd only do certain animal trophies quests where the drop rate was high. Otherwise I'd just do those "Kill a specific amount of monsters" jobs. Heck, even Norlant swamps are better (and that's coming from a guy who used to hate it with passion). Minus the annoying random teleportation system, the quests are really simple: Froggl harpoons, Tellus towers, Golden Wyverns, Insanity in the swamps, Norlant aqueducts (I like to call it Norlant duct tape for whatever reason xd) Kill will-o-wisp, Captured shaman, Captives, Concoction... My lvl 16 charmer can do those without much hassle. And they're more rewarding than irsel quests
  11. Any other bonus is welcome if this is considered Over The Top. As long as it's anything more than a silly 11point increase in defence that gives absolutely nothing to shield-bearer.
  12. Okay, well in my opinion a 15% hp buff on every shield that was crafted using ethereal catalysts would be a good idea.(Just the default shields of course, not spring or any other event) It would not make the shield overpowered and it would make it a more popular choice among the players that just can't get their hands on a double block spring shield, or people seeking alternatives.
  13. Wow, I guess I had my expectations set far too high. The post is completely ignored now. Fool me for believing they'll consider anything more complicated than minor spelling mistakes in game.
  14. The whole point is to upgrade crafted shields. For example add 15%hp bonus instead of numerical value of hp (Since it's actually armor) or any other useful effect. Just the shields. that's it. The only good shield craft is double block spring shield, which adds extra amount of block and some attack strength. And they are far more popular than the shields with 11pts extra def.
  15. Here are 2 arguments about this: Weapon damage bonus from miracle craft increases with item level. Shields will always give 11def points no matter what. Weapon damage bonus is far more useful than a minor def increase. Took a few snaps using Warspear calculator to check what difference amplification does. 24extra damage is pretty good, while having an extra 31point defence is gonna be effectively useless. Also considering the fact that defence % doesn't rise that well once you reach a certain numerical value of defence points. Runes and crystals values are the same, since they're level based. I hope this will be proof enough that the shield miracle craft is a failure
  16. In Warspear, you can craft yourself (or ask someone else to craft it for you) some good quality gear. But let's talk about the miracle craft offers which pop up from time to time, or when you decide to get an offer for 49miracle coins. Armors are good, they give 15% HP. Acessories are also okay, they grant % value of physical or magical damage. Weapons forged using ethereal catalysts will grant them +1level higher damage. Which is also good. But shields? Seriously? Who uses ethereals to upgrade shields? All they do, is give 11points of extra defence. That's just unacceptable. That's not a game changer, that's a total waste of valuable resources. They should give a real reason to upgrade shields.
  17. Now I will no longer be disappointed in not dropping anything significant from those "EVENTS" like Beholder,Nocturna etc. After seeing such pathetic drop chances I've finally come to realise I'm not getting anything EVER! It's so much fun!
  18. Right, I see your point.
  19. What good are 5 when you need to use them on member each, unlike shaman who can simply pop a totem in place and sit back and relax
  20. Haha, sounds like that Warden is a nice partner. If we win - we win. If we lose - all of the arena loses.
  21. well either way, you still got the idea. I just used words a bit poorly.
  22. Or maybe make a bone shield stronger if used while standing on a corpse? You know... Extra bones surrounding the character. That'd sound neat
  23. This time the update doesn't seem all that impressive to me (well mainly because most of activities there aren't related to me) But I must say I expected a change in guilds, like Leadership swap after the Leader has been inactive for a very long time but maybe some day.
  24. I must stop you there for a second. Not all features are available.Some services are strictly available only for those who have miracle coins in their accounts. Like item unbinding or that battle pass feature was implemented last spring or 8extra expert skill slots. Well other than that, majority of tools can be traded for simple gold coins so that's good at least.
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