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  1. Totally. But I think they want such features to be exclusively for miracle coin buyers. Like unbinding, despite several years of suggestions to make unbinding scroll.
  2. Yeah, they could do it like what they did with Bd's Hamstring. Enemy can resist the silence and stop effect, but bleeding is still there
  3. Yeah, getting something more from block-set other than increased chance of blocking attacks shouldn't only be exclusively for Barbarians and Wardens.
  4. But that's the ONLY thing that this skill does. There's no secondary effect (not speaking of rellics of course). I think the skill is fine as it is.
  5. Which is 15% increase, which is neglibile. Frankly speaking, it's a joke.
  6. Well well, I started Deathknight simply because it has proven to be (IMO) the best tanking class ever, capable of surviving big amounts of punishment from waves of enemies. Unfortunately it's really quite outdated right now, and me getting suggestions to raise vampirism, and use other means to gain the said stat just proves it's underwhelming. Anyhow, Blood protection. 50% damage reduction for 8seconds at 4/4, 22seconds of cooldown by default. The only reason I'm using it is because I've no other alternatives at the moment. But it could be so much better. It really needs an additional buff to make the skill more alluring. Shaman's get to remove debuffs, DK's get nothing really. Give 'em something alright?Like a def increase depending on skill level(maybe 10,20,30,40% numerical value increase for some time) or maybe even heal the Deathknight(5,10,15,20% of maximum HP, could be op but numbers can be toned down), because heck, even barbarians now can heal up to 2k and get extra damage buff on top of it. Because seriously if saturation and vamp gear, or sacrificing other stats for life regeneration to make the most of Secret reserves are the only ways to go, then I'm sorry but it's just pure rubbish.
  7. Ummm I don't really understand this topic. Is this to advertise other topics or to encourage players into writing class suggestions in specific class categories? Or perhaps both
  8. Playing Dk and I can say that skill sounds are horrifying. All I hear is Clack, Swoop, swoosh, and other nonsense. Hence why I'm always playing on silent, except when I'm doing Tower of vraggins quest.
  9. I didn't, but bet these people had to wait for months, having no intel, having no idea if their ideas have been forwarded or not. Sitting in dark. That's where I am right now.
  10. I presented an issue in forums about non-event crafted shields being underwhelming, when upgraded with etehreal catalysts, and I see that no action has been taken. And honestly I don't expect they will. Oh and what about other posts from other people? Making unbind scrolls for example. That thing is forgotten, or at least I believe it is. Sorry ,I'm not buying your words. An exception is not an example.
  11. Yeah, so far I haven't seen anything that could back those words. Unless it's just someone reporting spelling mistakes or something else that have zero impact on game. Posting suggestions have proven to be fruitless so far.
  12. Yeah this sounds like a good plan. I always found it weird when the quest givers are showing very high concern about the dungeon monsters, and they plead with you to get rid of them, but at the same time "Nooo, we don't trust you enough, you can't enter that dungeon to help us". In Chainless league it kind of makes more sense, because these guys wouldn't trust you to just run away with the loot their desire to get their hands on so much, but what excuse these Dark Elves and Lizardmen have? hehehehe
  13. You could have shortened your reply into 3 simple words : Deal with it Thank you for nothing, good sir
  14. The title pretty much lays it all down. Decrease that thing. Some areas of underwater world are just dense with monsters and sometimes it's next to impossible to cross territory without being seen/attacked by the nastiest creatures you can find. I find it really bizarre that they see from 3-4yards, some fish have higher movement speed so what can a player with low reputation, no special gear do? Running ain't an option in most cases , since they always catch up with you. Take thunderbird port for example: Taking the diving bell down to eastern level, and you're kind of okay since you have a few enemies. But take a diving bell to south level and if you're not a superman, there's absolutely no chance of you making to the other side of the map, since there are A LOT and STRONG monsters. Dollarfish, big jellyfish and other nasties that use control skills, making your trip as annoying as possible. So yeah, reduce their detection range. Why have it this large in the first place? no other town has this, t1,t2,t3,t4 all of the mobs there can see you only 1yard away (with exception of baits that can see you across the whole map). You can even keep the bloodshark who'll try and get you when you're bleeding from far away, and baits also, but reduce that for regular monsters. I hope this will be considered. I've zero motivation to do t5 quests when they require long trips.
  15. Just give me one of those t5 city guards with 30k HP to follow and help me around Pirate archipelago, and I'll be a happy camper. hehe
  16. They should increase the daily quest rewards at Kamp Riff/Camp of Legion as well. There are several, and I doubt people actually do them now. Not to mention there are quests people didn't even do few years ago like: Blood of Puma clan/Dinalt Knights. It still is the stupidest quest in my opinion. So much effort for a silly 5crimson. So yeah, increase cc there as well.
  17. It's the point that I can achieve without much hassle. Going +8is hard, which explains why there's a world chat notification for it. Usually sets me back 5-8sets. But with your method applied, I'd have to spend ~24sets and at least 90k gold, which does not look appealing. Your method is good for people who absolutely want to go +10, however I'd still want a choice in the matter. Either try your luck with singular signs/spheres OR just spend a certain amount of it for a guaranteed amplification. That would be my solution at least.
  18. as someone who amplifies to approx +7, I'd totally not want this.
  19. I'm gonna have zero expectations about this one and I can bet it will still manage to disappoint me.
  20. I don't know about the others but I kind of fail to see anything exciting about this
  21. wow so it's true, I am so disappointed. I was casting shield after each def buff thinking it'd make a difference. What a bunch of bs
  22. Ah yeah, this thing called "Name selling", which I find absolutely scummy
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