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  1. I like how Chinese new year has far greater significance than the new year celebrated elsewhere. Okay then...
  2. I wouldn't really want that. I always take advantage when I click far away from my character for a longer trip which takes a few seconds. And those few seconds are enough for me to either type a message in a chatbox, equip all my gear when nude, use items, check territory for enemy players and etc. Basically I'm many times faster when playing on PC, which obviously means I'm a bit rusty and uncomfortable playing on mobile because I lose many many features. Anyways I've got off topic: Point+walk is far more suitable than W A S D.
  3. so heavily disappointed in secret link now. It used to be my favorite, emergency use life-saver. Not only it has that terrible 2second delay, it's healing is very sluggish even at 4/4 compared to older version. And the power of healing is also weaker, no more 1.5k or 2k and full health within 3seconds but ~860hp per tick and each 2seconds. I don't even know what to do. At 1/4 it barely heals 1/3rd of maximum health pool.
  4. a video.mp4 For those who don't feel like watching: Pc keyboard can be used to quickly open a few things without needless mouse clicks. Buttons and functions: A- Attributes/Statistics C - Character's equipment I - Inventory J- Quest log M - Map S - Skills X - Society menu Z - Chat window
  5. I was about to write that I screwed up and didn't realise this skill works only in snowy bounds territory. I was at ayvondil, that's why the skill couldn't be used at all.
  6. Yes I just recorded it. The skill remains greyed out for the rest of it's life and no cooldown bar shows up at all. I believe it happened because first time I used to check it out and disguise expired when I was close to a strong monster which inevitably killed me before the cooldown process completed. Other than that I've no clue. viv.mp4
  7. As I suspected, the amount of gold received from monsters as reward is still abysmal, even when they said it's gonna be increased. Either the increase is way too insignificant to notice the difference or the increase never even happened. (sigh) Update: The skill "Animal Guise" seems to be one time use (that 300second cooldown doesn't mean anything) I wonder if that's a glitch or is that how it's supposed to work
  8. Rush The "Resistance" parameter increases to 100% for the duration of the skill. lol Glad I'm not a pvp fighter any more
  9. Well I hope the amount of gold increase from monsters will be significant but I'll remain sceptical until I see it myself. Also 12% of restored health from the lost pool and not maximum will most probably motivate wardens to give up on shield master skill, since it's healing capabilities will be greatly diminished and it will drain mana as well. But who knows? l'm not a warden xd.
  10. I needlessly airquoted immortality. But yeah, I have seen druids/shamans on castle pots being under heavy fire and still standing their ground.
  11. Oh right.... I got the whole thing wrong. so 4k hp will be 5k shield at 4/4. yep
  12. Hmm, I'm really liking that double heal effect for druids/charmers/shamans, since that will really make my druid more welcome in the dungeons.However, this would be a critical change in pvp. It's my predictions, though I suspect people will start complaining about healer's "immortality". Also speaking of which, Paladins shield 125% increase on ally would also be extreme in arena. According to what I've seen, average player has 4000-6000hp at lvl28 or 32. So in that case shield would absorb from 9000 to 13500hp depending on allies maximum health. Numbers look scary. On the plus side, I like the invigorating stream 50mp restore at 4/4. Edit: I got the whole thing wrong with paladin, ignore that. xd Anyways it remains to be seen, and it's better to witness it with my own eyes, should the time come.
  13. Indeed, Illumination does aggro and at lvl 4 it's aggro effect becomes strong. At least I know I've had some problems in Bg mythical dungeon when we had one paladin in there. I healed warden, sometimes other playeres but always had to keep a third eye on paladin in case he decides to use illumination. And when he did, the mobs could pretty much kill him in 6-12seconds, but he never died though, I reacted fast lol. So to answer your question like I said, Illumination is an aggro skill but it does really good magic damage.
  14. Good video. It's such a shame the AiGrind are being so greedy when it comes to test servers. Giving players approximately 500miracle coins. I would love to test all the skills in test server to be honest so I could make decisions in real servers, but nooo.... they wouldn't give 10k nor 100k miracle coins. Why not? It's still only test server and you won't be able to bring any of the purchased stuff back to your original realm. It's really underwhelming. But I guess this is AiGrind's moto. They will give you a question, and you will have to buy the answer.
  15. I'd be really pleased if they added something more than just obsolete buffs as rewards for captured territories. Everything else rewards you with items and currencies and chests: Holiday events, holiday GvG,non-holiday GvG. Though I doubt it would significantly increase the amount of participants but I'd surely be more tempted to join more often. It's already hard to earn gold as it is after that silly "Mobs carry gold update" which removed other collectable trophies that could have been sold for a decent sum. And now the amount of gold the monsters drop is beyond insignificant. It was way better before.
  16. Yeah, I guess this is the place to share such stuff. My and my friend Conquie's project has been put together in a form of a 19minute long movie with a weird plot and random stuff. Warning: Some dialogs contain foul language.
  17. Recuced amounts of skeleton demoman monsters. Yess. I hope the change will turn the tide
  18. Would be really cool if they changed something in the event. The third stage: Playing with fire. Kill skeletons so they don't blow the tent with their gunpowder kegs. Sounds fairly simple. But the things is, the bombs do really huge damage. I can't recall a single event where my deathknight lvl22 with 5000hp died a few times in the same area.(I even ended up instantly dying just after reviving with life scroll one time xd) This has to be the hardest part of the event. Bombs do up to 1000damage when I've got 43%physical. (unless it does magic dmg but it's still bit ridiculous). You might then tell everyone to avoid these bombs, but they're EVERYWHERE! At first there aren't so many barrels but later on they're on the road, grass, near the trees, the list goes on. And it stuns for 5-6seconds too. And when you've suffered a single blast and the stun effect, you'll probably then notice there are 3 or 4 more bombs sitting right next to your character, that will blow up before the stun duration even ends. Anyways, just decrease the bomb dmg. It's a 3rd stage, it's not meant to be the hardest one
  19. Or just more caves with air pockets would be really nice.
  20. I have a deathknight lvl22 so yeah. But what are you saying is basically you want the game to take away player's freedom of choice.
  21. If I were to give awards for stupidest things I read on ws forums, you'd be the winner, sir!
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