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  1. im confused change about bonuses block/parrying and resistence ?
  2. f4348357

    stop ad. bots in mc server

    ok. the key is not these website,but bots repeat in world channel
  3. f4348357

    stop ad. bots in mc server

    there r many lvl 3 bots show their website buying gold in world channel every day ,and i need add their to ignore list every day. why developer cant stop this ?
  4. f4348357

    why a magic pala need physic dmg ?

    really very very thanks for u answer and ur build ,solved all my problems. i gain a lot ,and meet a pro palatin player by the way
  5. f4348357

    why a magic pala need physic dmg ?

    recently i create a pala char.the class is wonderful,I regret not meeting it earlier.but there r a question confused me ,as title. why pala need physic dmg?just for purify? and why most rich pala choose physic build while most of its skills power depend on magical power. ps:i know charmer need phyzc for dog,dog do much dmg
  6. f4348357

    why the game make my phone power so quickly

    as i know,playing while charging wont damage battery.my question not my battery comsume fast,but warspear consume battery fast.
  7. even it in background.cost electricity faster than video app and digital map app.is it a 2d pixel game? do u hav any suggestion?
  8. when i was lvl 24,i once join that dg with my guild members whose command lvl is 18. However i get drop finally,defll,and i tried many times ,all drop defll in box. im confused whether i can get common drop from it?as u see ,it is a special dg in town.
  9. f4348357

    TEST about some necro skills

    so many ppls demand dark force rather than infection.
  10. f4348357

    TEST about some necro skills

    no just 4tiks.i can heal 167x6tiks(over 1k)now with lvl3 .and u can heal more tiks in lvl4.
  11. f4348357

    Knowing who bought your item from the market?

    and need other function. cancel purchase before quiting dealer.many times wrong click buying items unnecessary or by much more price
  12. maybe it for a new class ,like battlemageXD i see me XD
  13. f4348357

    is dodge just a property for melee?

    tx for telling me mobs' acc.as a staff user,we can only enchant with reflection rune?