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  1. how to get to test server?

    tx.so how can i get to?
  2. i want test something about game,but hav no enough gold or something currency in common server.
  3. Chinese players on Europe server

    ye u can see it in taptap : now chinese player can pay with wechat now. so we hav payment methods now. and we can pay through steam,another way,also viable recently. i show ur picture to other chinese player,they all said it is result of VPN.if a chinese player use VPN to connect to other country like russian, he can get cheaper mcoions,becuz server consider him a russian or other country's ppl cheaper mcoins.
  4. Chinese players on Europe server

    im not a iphone user.in china,i cant download warspear on any appstore in andriod mobile phone,even in taptap.so we get it from official website. and the price is same as urs.19000mc=100dollar=648yuan as for why there r 20500mc=45dollar in ur picture,i dont know.u can see follow options' price are normal,as same as urs. maybe it happen in ios phone. the economy is very complex.if one willing buy sign with 15k,no businessman will sell 8k the button download is not for our country or region
  5. Chinese players on Europe server

    OH i see .ur a paid gamer and u think item selling too cheap. Contrary to you,i never buy mcoins. create a character,lvl up it to lvl18, i can only save uo 15k gold.If u say so ,all my savings can buy only 1 set sign. U should consider the level of comsumption in different countries. example: buy 200 mcoins=1.99dollar=13yuan=one meal in my country.How about ur?、 As i said before,we buy mcoins by BUYING INSTEAD,as cheaper as russian,using RUB. Maybe the key to the problem is not us .
  6. do players‘' lvl effect dg drop chances?

    there are mechanics u should know that if ur level over specific level more than 2 ,u ll get nothing in dungeon。
  7. do a lvl20 player have a higher drop chances than a lvl22 player in dg 20?
  8. Chinese players on Europe server

    pls calm down bro.im a chinese,and now ill tell u what i know,hope it helpful. firstly.why we play in eu.for there are a grounp chinese play in eu in the beginning.maybe they r overseas student.Anyhow,they told us in the net:"if u want to play warspear,come to eu mc,there r many chinese in the serve and we can help u",so we are. And as i know,there was chinese serve once,it close,right? And the market! anyone who not buying mc the suffer,so do chinese. i hav question all the time,where the hell the remark come from that we chinese ppl get cheaper mc buying? I WANT TO emphasize that we hav no methods of payment to buying mc!!! we never use urs like paypal etc. So u must hav a question,how chinese ppl buying mc? do u know BUYING INSTEAD?we pay money to ppl who hav VPN and can buy mc with RUB,they buy for us instead.Thats the only way. u should know ,in China,we cant connect to many websites without VPN like facebook etc. however, we can buy mc directly in Steam and wechat recently,but its so expensive ,using dollar exchange rate. when can we direct use RMB buying mc? Poor English,forgive me. any not understand or question,quote me, im glad to talk with u
  9. why many ppls' char banned in SEA serve?

    "China has got kinda cheap coin",where does the remark come from? i played the game three years ago,and we have no medium of payment to buying miracle coins.from beginning to end. Even now we buying miracle coins through Steam or wechat uses dollar exchange rate
  10. buy [chiton of the rebirth]

    offer your price
  11. buy [chiton of the rebirth]

    my friend want to buy it
  12. sometimes ill be seen by enemy,why

    what the chance?how much?
  13. why many ppls' char banned in SEA serve?

    r u representative of offcial? and is it illegal that buying miracle coins with rub through Russian friends?u know,Chinese ppl hav no payment means to buy MC and buying with rub more cheaper as i know
  14. im a Chinese ,and recently many ppls find their char banned in SEA serve . they guess the reasons,like mints gold trade with money in real world,or buying miracle coins in improper way... they seldom come to the website ,so i want to know the reasons , i can tell they . "proper" change to "improper ",sorry
  15. sometimes ill be seen by enemy,why

    but the reason isnt showed in skill decription is question about the players' lvl?