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  1. oh i see,the bow. however,in myth sea stage,the boss def high too😥
  2. my currently accurate is 19.6%. Recently i enter the sea and merman dg, and find crit get more benefit(crit dmg deal a lot of dmg),and pene is important too(mobs and bosses high def). While mobs often miss my dmg ,i want to know how many accurate need for pala while balance crit and pene?
  3. bro whats mean "anuyime"??😕
  4. female characters hav more beautiful haircuts in game. that is all
  5. i dont think they ll tell us the formula,but it do matter when we choose gear.these 2 parameters not ez understand like block and crit.
  6. i saw many ppls said 15% accuracy that num,just wonder how this num come?
  7. How about mdmg class like warlock and paladin?(mage has dragon eye to improve accuracy).
  8. is there any formula known between accuracy and dodge? how many accuracy needed at least?
  9. thx.i put this topic many weeks ago,im able to farm stably in 1 stam since yesterday
  10. ppls say boss didnt use this ability while pull boss near the entrance,it is true?
  11. sometime i open app for playing,and the game app get reset, i need to re-input my char and password. what's more,i lost my game settings and i need set those again.
  12. 1.need hotkeys for new hotkey slots PC version.like D F G H 2.there always a delay when click some craft option,this problem fixed in phone version,but still exist in pc version
  13. its not hard to enter interface of character choose,but always fail in connect when enter game world
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