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  1. TEST about some necro skills

    no just 4tiks.i can heal 167x6tiks(over 1k)now with lvl3 .and u can heal more tiks in lvl4.
  2. Knowing who bought your item from the market?

    and need other function. cancel purchase before quiting dealer.many times wrong click buying items unnecessary or by much more price
  3. maybe it for a new class ,like battlemageXD i see me XD
  4. is dodge just a property for melee?

    tx for telling me mobs' acc.as a staff user,we can only enchant with reflection rune?
  5. i try to be atked by 2 mobs in map3 for 5mins,but never dodge with 10% dodge .
  6. TEST about some necro skills

    it already . if the healing insignificant,what the use of it XD.its dmg almost no growth.
  7. TEST about some necro skills

    OK then two expert skill Acid rain dmg per tik (poison dmg per tik) 83(103) 95(112) 103(114) 123(135) conclusion:it grows strange.little growth. Poison shield dmg per tik(hp restore per tik) 65(90) 66(128) 67(167) 69(210) conclusion:it is a wonderful skill,a healing skill instead of dmg skill. its dmg almost no growth,but increasing 2 seconds duration per lvl(increase dmg and heal in another way) its heal grows a lot.and when it lvl up to 4,it last 12 second,but 14 cd.after just 2 seconds,u can use it again! by the way ,need more details about panic,it hard to test
  8. TEST about some necro skills

    i tested some skill in test server,and some results subverted my cognition.The growth of skills are not smooth. may the data below help u. if u have any problem or question,post below 401 magical power Poison spittle dmg(from top to bottom,one to five levels) 476 499 526 553 580 conclusion:it not worth to lvl up the skill.if u just lvl it to lvl2,u lose 4 dmg Healing 523 614 705 797 888 conclusion:it grow smoothly,and it is a lot of growth. Sheild dmg absorb 546 622 698 784 827 conclusion:u can find it grows smoothly before,and grows more when it lvl uo tp lvl4,but grows less in lvl5 suddenly.so it may a good idea lvl up it to 4. above mentioned is basic skill,after testing ,i ll build my skill 12345 XD
  9. game error when click item

    if it outdated,how i can enter the game?
  10. game error when click item

    tx finally i find the topic with help of translate software i cant understand russian
  11. game error when click item

    by the way (i dont want creat new content anymore),why test server release yesterday,but closed now. and where i can get imformation about test server?i has found the forum. if u see this topic,answer pls
  12. About team copy

    his mean is "match" like im a leader,i need a healer,so i can inv a healer in match list who has clicked "match DG" directly.And no need yeild in world chat channel. and you can match everywhere ,when pt ful,we can start dg in different place or get together in dg door,it depends on game designer.
  13. game error when click item

    in android device. when double click 'forest heart'(maybe this name),game quit automaticly.all these items drop from dg for building castle have this problem. the problem exist a long time
  14. necro compare druid

    what advantage does necro have compare with druid? root and song all better skills than sleep and panic.and necro loss hp when using heal and shield. i want know opinion of druid user