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  1. Switching Class/Faction

    Generally it's not impossible. Only in WS it is impossible.
  2. Switching Class/Faction

    What about all your stuff equipped got changed to the caster type of the same equipment, as the class you had before? Level, amplification, enchantment would remain the same. :D
  3. Phishing sites!

    Wow. Illegal seller detected in betweeen
  4. Phishing sites!

    EU, 23:00 CET (06/04) Annoying like hell. Uses double Vs instead of W, full caps, ^ between letters, 0 instead of O, 1 instead of L... Random number at the end... He figured out a way to bypass the filter once again.. Damn.
  5. Phishing sites!

    Incoming furious complaining guy expected.
  6. Phishing sites!

    Two months later...
  7. Phishing sites!

    Those smileys at the end of the messages are absolutely convincing. Run, get your coins, sure it is not a scam, look, there is THE smiley!
  8. Phishing sites!

    Well, seems system doesn't work as how I explained :D

    But you guessed it, haha :D

    This name... Doesn't seem to be appropiate, I think...
  11. Phishing sites!

    Noticed that, world chat seems to be more silent finally. Good job!
  12. Phishing sites!

    Of course it does, unfortunately. Or at least I guess it does. Message filters work based on a pre-written scheme, filtering unwanted messages only work if the message has an exact match with the filter parameters. Generating a random number is a smart idea (if we can name something smart that intends to harm people), because there is never an exact match. Except if the scheme is something like this: Remove all commas and invisible characters from the message and then try finding the unwanted text (in this case the website). if there is a match, the numbers and other text don't have to be taken into consideration. And if anyone gets locked out unintentionally (for example bad filtering or they mentioned the website like "*website* is fake!"), support can review the case and re-enable the account. Also, this method cannot be bypassed, not even with randomly generated numbers or separated text. Drawback: every website to be filtered has to be added to the system manually. But I still think a world chat limit raise would be the total winner.
  13. Phishing sites!

    Very nice that you've done something to prevent bots spamming, but they keep changing the messages by adding randomly generated numbers to them and by spearating the sentences, words, letters by commas and invisible characters. Are you sure those are gonna be filtered, too?
  14. Phishing sites!

    I am pretty sure he does.
  15. Phishing sites!

    They would come up with new website names. And the chat would still be spammed. Besides, using characters invisible in the game (ő,ű) chat filter can be easily outplayed.