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  1. This amp rate is bullshit

    It's a bit different, since you know a lottery is gambling, and everyone knows exactly the rate of winning. Amplifying lacks both.
  2. This amp rate is bullshit

    First of all, you should not blame signs, since they only protect the equipment from breaking or disappearing (btw, what the f is that?). The real thing to blame are the Spheres. Second, maybe if you are so angry with how unfair the system is, you could sue the company for gambling Because amplifying technically IS gambling. The system is very tricky: it makes you amplify, it makes you click and gives you just enough luck to continue it. It makes you believe the next set of Spheres and Signs will finally succesfully amplify the gear, but f*ck you no. The problem is, and that's what annoys me, that they are not making the amplification rates officially available. And that is unfair in my opinion.
  3. semi retiring.

    Classes will never be balanced, I can promise you that. Warspear Online has almost a million active players, divided into two groups of factions, do you think it's possible to fulfill everyone's request? But I feel you, even if I am on MC side. Well, good luck for you.
  4. Arena 3x3

    Besides, what could be that "amazing" thing they could plan? It is plain old 3v3. Only if not new arena designs...

    Like Gabranth ever said something like that :D
  6. Why was getting free mcoins by watcing ads removed

    Nah... by watching ads the advertiser pays money to the company that provides ad surface. In this case, Aigrind is the provider.
  7. Storage for players

    Power cards (magic and physical) has 20-25 pcs/stack as I remember.
  8. Why was getting free mcoins by watcing ads removed

    #metoo . . . . Sorry for exploiting this ridiculous hashtag
  9. PvE gear with set bonuses for higher levels

    Let's hope this year hides a neat update with level 24, 26 and 28 equipments with set bonuses. Maybe even for the cc shop.
  10. [2018.01.11] Results

    I would very much like to read the text of your card, but I simply couldn't take the words out. Wouldn't you maybe publish it here? :D
  11. [2018.01.11] Results

    This, plus a +150% Potion of Knowledge.
  12. old warspear?

    It is nice to see where it all started and where are we now.
  13. Tatelan, EU-Emerald

    I actually made a greeting card. That's my character in Christmas outfit.
  14. Bring back old fashioned dungeons

    I will be the one to support @Fortuno. Complicated dungeon with puzzles is only a thing if it worth your time. But it doesn't. Never does. What's better: getting nothing from kill-only dungeons or getting nothing from always-pay-attention-no-time-for-even-toilet-during-spam dungeons? However, the new dungeons with new puzzles always show that the game is being developed and that the Team is not sleeping. And for that we can be happy.