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  1. It is very... interesting to see how some people already denounce a system that has not even been released yet. I suggest to wait and try it in real. I personally don't believe the Developers would make such changes unless they are sure about success. Besides, you can also look at it (as mentioned above) as a live mass testing. If it doesn't work, it will probably be modified anyways. And please, don't always come with the "shitty update, lazy Aigrind" whining. It must be very demoralising to try to work and improve the game with such feedback. Let's be nice with our dear Developer team for once!
  2. It increases maximum health whilst also healing some of it.
  3. Officially, this is the best thing ever I had. I got Elm as a reward, but this one eventually dropped for me. Sold for 4 million gold...
  4. Here's me. Almost 20, full of energy.
  5. This particular map also bothered me very much. This exact situation happened to me just so many times. Poor map design. That large |_| should at least be cut in half so these could be avoided.
  6. Been probably posted here a couple of times, but right now this is my favourite song. Did you know, that Lisa Gerrard used a language here that she said she "talks to God" with?
  7. You can surely find people ingame willing to help you. You just have to patiently ask it on World Chat.
  8. If Skylore will have any amplification system like Warspear has, it will be a no from me as well. Pretty much the worst system that I have ever encountered with. Let's hope it will be refined.
  9. You need to take summoning lessons. Omercix.
  10. BennyBT

    Boss Mounts

    This game dies slowly, but not because it doesn't have mounts, but because the core itself was not designed for today's circumstances. Many basic features should be reworked or added, but mount is not one of them. I'd rather choose free or expanded fast travel anyways.
  11. BennyBT

    Boss Mounts

    Mounts are not going to happen. (Also, Warspear has a world divided to small areas. I don't see, how could you integrate the two.)
  12. Just above your comment I have the suggestion. Make an idle kick for arenas, therefore making afkers having to move their characters every x seconds (15-20-30), also make ready button when applying to battles. This way players would have to pay attention to all of the characters all the time, therefore using afk parties would be much more time consuming.
  13. Only PC players would benefit from this, phone/tablet players will have the keyboard pop up anyways.
  14. BennyBT

    Account Blocked

    Proving that you have not acted fraudulently is quite impossible in my opinion, since fraudulent behaviour is somewhat indefinable. In your place I'd ask for a little more information about the circumstances of the blockade, maybe you'll be able to better understand why they've decided to permanently ban your account. Although, as the last sentence of the email states, they are not obliged to provide any further information, but I'd still give it a go.
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