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  1. How many skills per class?

    Very well composed by Higgings. If you allow me, I would like to add one more class. This one is an exception, though. - Barbarian: Originally a tank class, having the skills necessary for a tank. You will most probably never reach as high base damage or dps as damage classes. However, starting from level 18 (from when expert skills can be applied to the character), Barbarian can reach a seriously high damage output. The expert skill Defeat with the right build can hit up to 1700 dmg (3400!). Combat Fury gives and additonal damage bonus to the Barbarian, and also restores an amount of health in the meantime. And the most important skill, the Barbarian's Nature gives immunity against any negative effects for up to 10 seconds, making them nearly impossible to stop during that time. Barbarian is one of the strongest class along with bladedancer up-to-date.
  2. How many skills per class?

    The new generation replaces the previous one
  3. Map 1 Dgs drops

    Me and my bro have low level characters just for essence hunting in dungeons... It pays off after a while.
  4. The Art of Kiting

    Impressive, until I experience the same in arena.

    Vampire's Set is in the wrong market section.

    The screenshot is cropped.
  7. We must do something about the chinese

    Everyone has the right to play on the server they want to. There are no restrictions saying people from wich region can play on the given server. If you thought so, then you are very much missing the point of game servers. They are only named US-RU-EU-BR, etc., because the servers are (most probably) located in those regions. But otherwise, everyone is free to choose where to play. There was some mistake with the method of buying Miracle Coins in China, as I remember, meaning that it was (in ways) cheaper in some regions of the country. That is being taken care of, you can be sure of that. Plus, don't forget that China is the most populated country in the world.
  8. how to get to test server?

    If you keep following the news about the upcoming updates, you surely won't miss the chance to take part in the public testing. However, you should keep in mind that these testing sessions are only to test the features related to the given update, and that test server doesn't provide unlimited resources.
  9. List of annoying idiots

    Because Ayvondil minibosses take a lot more effort to defeat, and these animations at Hydra's Spirit are still the best and most efficient to farm.
  10. Farewell, Hiromi Tsuru

    It is always sad to lose a talent.
  11. Map 1 Dgs drops

    Of course all of them.

    That is some serious money
  13. If he dies, you fail, I guess. He walks in the same direction until he gets hit by a mob. Then, he starts walking in the other direction.
  14. What the **** is a sonic

    The drive-in restaurant, obviously.
  15. No Nerf for charmers , really ?

    I was not, I welcome all sophisticated arguments of course. I was summing up things generally.