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  1. Sorry, I am an annoying guy with no real sense of humor.
  2. Sing set? Like microphone, wires, etc?
  3. This is awesome! I like it very much! Nah, just look at my creations that I post. Have nothing to do with WS. I have something, too: Handmade album cover for Imagine Dragons's new album, Evolve!
  4. During a trip to Germany. I was addicted to WS back then.
  5. Who knows, maybe the jury thought they were bots. Meme-genereating bots.
  6. Something's not right here. But if you inspect achievements... I guess this is a bug.
  7. The Swamp is a mysterious place, abandoned long ago by its original inhabitants. Who knows what power they posessed... And the answer for Technopolis is simple: they needed technology because they don't have the power of magic. Just like Final Fantasy. If you don't have magic, you can still have technology. And if you have maybe both of them... You rock.
  8. Glad called me beautiful... I found the sense of living.
  9. And Daaaaaaaaariaaaa.... Will always type, oooohhh... Remix of Whitney Houston's amazing song.
  10. I don't think you need such thing. Again, it would be a perfect solution, if teleport scroll usability was expanded and therefore the price would be lowered.
  11. It could work, if first it followed the paths where possible, and if it was untouchable while walking.
  12. Could you make a screenshot about the quest description and post it here? Akasha, cold you translate it for him?
  13. By the way, why have we never got an office room tour of yours?