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  1. The over powered classes

    You have contradicted yourself so many times troughout this topic. Besides, what's the purpose of you making a character again and killing thousands of dollars into it, if - as you predict, let's pray it won't happen - it will get nerfed anyways? (Although it is completely your business where you waste your money, I don't really care)
  2. The over powered classes

    Haha. Elasiri, please leave barbarian alone :D Nah. You would be welcome in the team. So, are we done here? Isn't it time to close this topic?
  3. The over powered classes

    Of course everybody tries to defend their own class, including me. The time, the years we all devoted to develop our characters could be screwed by one "balance fix". Of course I find it ridicoulus someone complaining because he cannot kill ALL of the opponent classes in PvP. Well if you can't, that's perfect. Because you were never supposed to.
  4. The over powered classes

    Yea it will.

    Even if I agree with the main idea of yours, @blacknia, I have to share Gladiator's opinion. Warspear Online, with it's 50 character line limit is not a good place to start a religious debate, especially without respecting the other. You may believe in what you believe, but without enough background info about the other's and especially your religion, you really shouldn't start debating. In a game.
  6. The over powered classes

    It is true my main character is a barbarian, but trust me, I am not defending my own class. It is true it needs nerf. But. Not huge nerf as some said. Also it's not broken. It's been around for quite long not to be broken. Because some classes' skills were nerfed, the untouched barbarian got stronger. (Don't tell me it got buffed, that extra area damage gives you nothing). It will be fixed in the next few updates, trust me. The problem is not as big as it was with bladedancer's counter attack. You cannot tell one overpowered skill of the barbarian. It's just strong overall. And I am sure they will not nerf all of their skills just because it's an overall well composed class.
  7. The over powered classes

    Defeat's damage is only big, if you spend most of your skill points for expert skills on Defeat. On level one, it deals less than 400 damage with my 550 pure damage (one-handed), which is pretty low. Only on 4/4 it deals much, but I think it's fair, since you've spent 3 skill points on it. You have to sacrifice other skills and leave them 1/4. That extra damage when surrounded could be removed, although it was just added. But I see it totally useless. Yes, some skills do need nerf. But not HUGE nerf. Remember, you are talking about maxed characters and top players, but you have to consider that they are not the majority of the game.
  8. The over powered classes

    Yes, I don't see why they think all classes should be efficient against all others. THAT would ruin the balance of the game. Maybe bladedancer won't be able to kill warlock, but ranger or paladin will do it for him. Maybe barbarian has a hard time against druid, but charmer and shaman will kill them for him. I don't see any problem in that. By the way, perma stun, druid can do it too, moreover, they can also heal. So. Ela, why don't you whine about druid? Oh... Is he in your faction? Surprise...
  9. The over powered classes

    During immunity, no negative skill can effect the barbarian, only pure damage. And during 8 seconds... It's easy to kill a warlock. I did that quite a few times in 2v2.
  10. Hotspot-resilince

    Not all of them.

    Why do you think that? Everyone has the free will to do anything they want and it's none of your business. If they want to work hard to get a good place at the tournament, that's fine. Who you are to judge them?

    Green are my lines, red are his. If I met this guy in real life... He would be dead. Who is he to talk to me like this? *sshole.
  13. The over powered classes

    Where their mass control is needed (dungeon/lab), they can be useful, but only the most experienced (and geared) ones. I have seen so many dungeon runs fail on the warlock during the years. The mass control is okay, but as soon as they screw up a teeny tiny thing, the party is in trouble.
  14. The over powered classes

    But what cycle stun di you keep talking about? Would you please show me how to do it? I've been playing barbarian for three years, pretty much maxed it out, but have never been able to do cycle stun even with stun crystals inscribed wherever possible. All of barbarian's stun skills have a percentage of failure, especially if they aren't the skills you level up, because they are not THAT strong to spend skill points on. How would they be able to stun cycle?
  15. The over powered classes

    Mcs hate Hassn and his guild. My brother got insulted by other players because he joined AoA with Tatelan.