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  1. i hope that this effect is lower on seeker with talent, i've been asking for months to get the 55% dmg reduction from external objects too, if this doesn't get changed , seeker would be impossible to play in new map EDIT : of course if these debuffs are like the toxins in spring quests or orci bombs which does hp % dmg
  2. Sometimes i've also noticed the same on seek that it feels like it's not lasting that much
  3. By staying attached to the latest post about the " Game is dying " regarding the drop % and as we all know these drops are really random as you have this super low % of dropping regarding dungeons, raids, quests, chests ecc... We have all seen especially during these past events , people spamming 24/7 doing 1000 runs weekly with 0 high-value drops while someone else doing 7 runs and dropping a super high-value book or costume ; So I wanted to make this post explaining a possible suggestion i came up with while talking with others : The original suggested idea was to be able to see the drop % of each book,costume ecc... so people can get a grasp of their chance of dropping My new idea would be : why not change from the basics of how the system works and make [ for every type of drop (dungeon,chest,ecc...) ] a starting % of drop-rate, which increases every time you open a chest or do a run , till you get your book or costume drop and resets back to the starting drop % This way it would : Still make people do a lucky drop at the start Give people the "feeling" that sooner or later with many many runs their drop will come From my POV this thing could make people more attached to the game and it won't even "destroy" the economy ecc... as you still have same chance as before but the more you spam the more chance you can get your lovely drop and then re-start again Keep in mind that it's still a low chance increase, it's not like it goes from 0.001% to 10% in 100 run but even after 1000 run the chance is still low ( but not 0 ) and you play having the " feeling " your drop rate is higher Could work for event chests too like Rottung Air and Nocturn , but for raids might be more complicated Of course this is just an idea and I don't know if it could even be possible judging from a programmer-based view Let me know what you think
  4. And it's not only the fact of "reaching level 32 " ; it's what comes after reaching higher stages of the game. Like nerding all day for events,gvgs, dynamics, dungeons, quests, knowledge grind Especially now with new map coming, add that with special events like horror ecc... You will basically join a game where it takes you a lot to reach level 32 and join a good guild and after that you will have to spend 6-8 hours daily on it or you won't even reach high-level gameplay ( not forgetting the part where u need a lot of money to even reach this type of gameplay )
  5. Other than that, the current situation is annoying ; adding a new map with extra quest, dynamics, interactions ecc... ; will make the game impossible to play fully . Right now the game is : either you spend hours on it daily with much money in it or it's better to quit, as you won't enjoy the game fully . Adding another map with other things to do will just make the game a 10h+ daily play or you stay behind . We alreadyy have many events+gvg+raids that ( with spring or snow or horror or birthday ) make you use like 6-8h daily or you will be left behind , imagine adding another gvg+raids+other things
  6. The only way to win wars as Elf is to be 300 vs 100 or have many globes while ours do the job ; globes are the only things that can stop hunters to melt flags in 30 seconds each
  7. This just feels like a " win-lose spam " how does it connect to shattered stone or mage in general , there are even seekers and wardens in top xD
  8. Passing by just to suggest again to revert the chance of " Mute " negative effect on the enemy after Attraction skill works ( so at least if the 0.1% chance procs it will do something ;> )
  9. Maybe should have said it before , I was talking about PVE not pvp , i don't know how it works in pvp Maybe like, " increases damage against monsters " something like that D:
  10. I think the 2nd skill of light mermen set right now is kinda " meh " ; it's just some additional super low damage . Would be cool ( as new level,map,gear, ecc... coming ) if the copies could have more damage or could proc a random skill of the char . What do you think ?
  11. These classes lack some resistance in pvp, was thinking why not add more seconds on the part where it says " after using it you have 3 seconds where you can go invisible even in fight " ; would really help especially when you click the ability and for example get stunned and right as the stun is about to finish 3 seconds have already passed
  12. As the new map approaching which it will involve : dungeons,quests, raid bosses, normal bosses, ecc.... I think it's time that the t1-4 knowledge events get an update especially around the "dungeon runs" needed to active the event. Right now there are many things to do daily ( especially during special events like birthday,spring,ecc... ) so by making it possible to activate it with less runs and for example , create a counter to see when you are about to finish 1st stage ( like the t1 1st stage ) would be cool and more enjoyable. PS: fix the fact that in t4 knowledge event you can't spawn baits without t4 bait quests ; i mean it's kinda strange that it has been this way for so long now
  13. Strange interaction, I thought that the mute was just an automatic thing as soon as the clock started on the weakness debuff
  14. Why be rude on a closed forum discussion that was already solved PS : resist doesn't work against the talent anyway ( don't know if you can actually resist the starting buff @pawned ? )
  15. Would be cool, but really risky to break game , either in arena or gvgs ( depends on the skill ) Maybe adding for pve wouldn't break game and help both sides equally
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