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    What if nothing was deleted and he's just giving general advice? The statement in the first post stands even without context.
  2. Was an interesting read indeed. I've always been interested in the names of Reyn and Kabal and how they're connected. The only connection I found was that there are Mortal Kombat characters called Kabal and Rain. So, there's a challenge for you.
  3. Thanks! I don't know why but seeing them all side by side is so satisfying to me.
  4. He's much more fabulous with the long blonde hair, though. Anyway, listening to this. What a great album.
  5. Thanks guys! Yeah well, the story is actually redundant but it's there to add length to the post.
  6. Hey guys, what's up? I'm presenting to you a little drawing I threw together in a couple of nights and a cool story to go with it. Behold! The Subterranean Archmage! In ancient times a powerful mage was sentenced to be encased in stone as a capital punishment for trying to use forbidden magic for treachery. The coffin of stone was then lowered deep underground where the lingering remnants of the mage's power would in time fade away completely. Unfortunately for mankind, a huge fissure opened up during the war of the Spear, revealing the grave of the long forgotten mage. It didn't take long for a necromancer to discover the latent magical power within the stone. Now reanimated inside a rocky exoskeleton and stronger than ever, the mage has returned from eternal slumber to take revenge on the people of Arinar. The materials? Stone, cloth and magic. Thanks for checking this out!
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    Nobody remembers Kevin?
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    As for what bosses you can farm for valuable loot, every enemy with a red crown has a chance of dropping something. I think there are some level related restrictions too, but someone needs to confirm it. Irselnort offers the following bosses: Maraksha, Dinalt the Ghostwalker, Kratt the Avenger, Genie of Bloody Fire, Sea Monster, Lake Elemental, Garr-Shagg, Granite Guard, and whatever lurks in the hidden sanctuary. That's excluding the Astral Labyrinth's bosses.
  9. Yeah, I opine that's the best way to maintain the original design. So if we resize the image to fit the requirements (24x36, scaled here) without interpolation, it looks like this: A lot of detail is lost but having clearly defined pixels makes it easy to use as a template.
  10. Resizing the image just makes the costume blurrier, and even without interpolation it will lose details. Sure the resized costume can be used as a template to draw onto, but without further editing it looks really unrefined.
  11. Damn, sorry for the teacher.But yeah, they were some of the most enjoyable classes. I've always been quite decent at drawing so I got good grades almost automatically.
  12. Why do you care so much? If you're so convinced that the developers don't listen to their players, why not just accept it as a fact and move on? It's just a mobile game.
  13. Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! <3

  14. Art classes were the shit! All you had to do was draw to advance your studies.
  15. Saw the title and expected a suit of armor. Scrolled down and laughed for being so wrong. Good job!
  16. Simple but stylish. I especially like the satchel. Good job!
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