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  1. Uploaded it for you, opens for sure and saves people's hard disk space.
  2. I'll send you a private message.
  3. I just tried using 3 different Android VPN apps. One of them got me stuck in the connecting screen, but the other two worked perfectly fine. So you could try using a different program and see how that goes. I wouldn't advice to use a VPN to play Warspear though, as there is a risk that some automatic system could potentially lock your account for a constantly changing IP address or something like that. Do so at your own risk.
  4. Welcome to the boring world of responsibilities! Happy birthday!
  5. Ninja Owl

    Payment problem

    Google Translate is a handy tool: "At 4 am CET, I purchased 1000 miracle coins by my national payment method. I used a 50000 VND mobifone card to buy but then I played the game and found I added 300 miracle coins into my pocket. Why? Last time I still got 1000 miracle coins for the same purchase. Please explain and give me details. Thank you. My character: gamerxyz; Level 18; RU-Amber server."
  6. I'd like a title system, but I can't see the peaceful-enemy-free thing working, at least as it currently is, for the same reasons the gentlemen above have mentioned.
  7. Still doesn't show on my phone. Shows perfectly well on my PC. There seems to be some issue with images and mobile devices.
  8. Some seem to work just fine on phone. These are for testing purposes: The results are here:
  9. I can't see them on my phone either, but they work well on PC.
  10. Or this sick playlist instead while playing. I'd love to have a music composing contest too, although it's unlikely to ever happen.
  11. Ninja Owl

    Arinar Grand Prix

    I'd bet my money on bladedancers. That additional 0.5 yards/second with rush is OP.
  12. 1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile Ninja Owl 2. Name Ville 3. Age 22 4. Country Finland 5. Education University student, majoring IT 6. Did you ever work with game communities? I've been part of several game communities but never worked with any, 7. Forum administration/moderation experience I'm currently an administrator on the Warspear Online wiki 8. When you are visiting forum? (weekdays, hours /GMT, please/) Every day at 06-22 GMT 9. In your opinion, what's moderator's job is all about? Keeping the forum clean and enjoyable, maintaining a good atmosphere for discussion, helping and advising players 10. What kind of events for the forum could you suggest to increase user's/guests interest? The best way to make the forum more interesting is to offer some small rewards for actively using it. So perhaps rewarding players for creative, funny, or otherwise interesting content on the forum would be enough of an incentive to get people active. Some kind of "treasure hunts" would be cool as well. As in, admins and/or moderators could leave clues here and there and people could try to solve the puzzle. It's a rough idea and I have no concrete examples, but maybe someone can take the idea further. I like the leaderboard system here on the forum, but I feel like it's underutilized. Maybe we could use it somehow too? 11. What kind of forum contests/competitions can light up forum? (any ideas) A quest designing contest is something I'd like to see. Could be difficult to implement them to the game, but even if no new quests were added it would still be interesting to read people's stories and how they would adapt to the game world. 12. Why do you applying to this position? I want to help the game and community grow, and surely my six years of activity here show my dedication. I'm fluent in English and Finnish and can communicate in Swedish and German if necessary, so I believe my lingual skills are fitting for the position. 13. What forum section you would like to take care on? Any international ones. 14. Do you have Skype account? Yes. 15. Game realm, nickname, guild EU-Emerald, Ninjaowl, Wintermoon
  13. Digimon world was the shit! Nothing was as exciting as seeing this:
  14. How fitting that Gladiator won an arena designing contest. Congratulations to the winners!
  15. I might be wrong but I don't think you can have space at the very edge of the map because that area is for crossing. So I suggest that you modify it a little, like this:
  16. Got inspired to make this some days ago. Not a drawing, but I think it looks pretty cool.
  17. Pretty good! The only criticism I have is about those two areas in the top right and bottom left corners. They seem to serve no purpose. I think it would be cool to have exits in those areas instead of right next to the capture points. Good luck!
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