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  1. Hey, sounds fun! Can't wait to see all the creative ideas! Here's a grid, should anyone need it.
  2. I'm happy with how this new forum feels and looks. Some minor issues here and there, but overall it's pretty good.
  3. The forum is looking great.

  4. Ninja Owl


    Happy birthday, Aкasha!
  5. How about an option to prevent other people from buffing you? "☑ Accept buffs from other players" or something like that under options? Don't know if it's even possible, but there's a possible solution.
  6. Ninja Owl


    Hei Zurp, poista tuo ylimääränen pikseli violetin kissan olkapäässä.
  7. Ninja Owl


    On se olemassa, mutta ei siinä ole enää ketään mun lisäksi.
  8. Probably. It just bothers me when people don't provide the link in such situations.
  9. Ninja Owl


    Weird for opposing factions, perfectly understandable for a neutral one like the Chainless League.
  10. I was referring to the image in the first post. It would be nice if the message were more specific about the error that occurred, so that the users had an idea of the cause and could try to fix it before contacting support. "Error: Out of memory" or similar. I understand if it's not possible and that this isn't that big of an issue, but it would be convenient.
  11. You know what would be great? More specific error messages. So how about it, devs?
  12. I'm gonna get hate for this but yes.
  13. Ninja Owl


    Heh! Thanks guys!
  14. German has really weird plural forms, I can never get them right. And there's no way anyone can remember the article for each noun! Der Flugzueg? Das Flugzeug? I give up...
  15. Tervehdys ja hyvää syntymäpäivää! Veteraanina voin auttaa jonkin verran jos on kysymyksiä, mutta kyllä niitä vastauksia tosiaan löytyy täältä foorumeiltakin kun etsii. Omasta mielestä supportti hoitanut hommat viimeaikoina oikein mallikkaasti verrattuna tilanteeseen muutama vuosi sitten.
  16. Ninja Owl


    Not to mention the story behind it.
  17. Congratulations, guys! Can't wait to see the frog costume in game.
  18. Patience, brother. We are all excited to hear the results.
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