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  1. I want a shirt that says "fuk mcs :lovepig:".
  2. Expected you to be the first to write here about it.
  3. My opinion on him is pretty much entirely based on what happened during my time in AoA a couple years ago. Not denying the possibility of him changing over the time, though.
  4. Hassn isn't as bad as this topic makes him out to be.
  5. Hey, it's a true veteran! All hail Zhark!
  6. Perhaps a modern suburban neighborhood. How to make someone shut up?
  7. What if Trump's electioneering was started as a joke and they just went with it to see how far they could get? What if?
  8. "Irselnort opened for the Sentinels and the Legion almost all of its mysteries. None of the alliance did not succeed with the help of Legacy of Berengar to turn the tide of the war. To help contestants again should come the secrets of the past. Most recently, the merchants of the Chainless League stated to explore the Norlant Marsh - previously considered as inaccessible marshy land lying between Irselnort and Ayvondil. These marshes were formed of territory of Norlant - prosperous kingdom, once devastated by vortices of the War of Spear, and then destroyed by the Great Rift. Mournful ruins of ancient Norlant are still securely protected not only by swamp monsters and wild tribes. Magic of the dead kingdom satiated the land for centuries - not by chance that the natives, descendants of Norlant people, worship the swamps as a huge living being. Ancient norlant people were very well versed in magic - thanks to their long friendship with the Elves of Ayvondil. According to legend, the last king of Norlant, Witold, was altogether in love with Elf queen Valary. Sages of both alliances in one voice claim that having secrets of Norlant Lords can play a decisive role in the coming battles under cover of the Eternal forest!" Source
  9. Happy All Hallows' Eve, guys!

  10. Remember when skills were leveled up simply by using them?
  11. 1. Annual guild championship #1 unique prize + bonus 30% + gp for a certain time after the tournament + achievement medal by win and take a winning position (costume/castle/option to view all guild members on the map, any new thing) #2 special prize + bonus 20%+ gp for a certain time after the tournament + achievement medal by taking a winning position #3 special prize + bonus 15%+ gp for a certain time after the tournament + achievement medal by taking a winning position #4-10 regular prize otherwise, there will be guilds giving up on the first day of tournament uhm? Alright, fine. No objections. 3. Lightning deals The most dangerous mistakes in business are those that generate profit. It's wotth testing and see how the market reacts,Profiting by unintended purchases, makes some users feel disgruntled and disrespected, It should be gently reconsidered. I'll not get any ridiculous ethical discourse, I just introduced a harmonic workaround for both sides.They have their own Marketing team for this, useless to argue about this issue Just pointed out that AIGRIND seems to have very strict policies considering this kind of things. The suggestion itself is great, but I'd consider it a small miracle if the pop-ups were completely removed from the game. 6. Targeting via lists The current system remains, this should be an additional tool. In case of "one player under other" Figured as much. I just can't see how this works. 10. Buffs and aggro How about noobs healers with healing and shield 5/5? they kill not only the player receiving low heal/shield but themselves as well. Players log acc lvl1 only to heal (troll) other while farming boss or fighting pvp and it dies, etc (player's arguments) Skill level doesn't have to be a major factor. Perhaps it already is a part of the aggro function.
  12. Google translate is hilarious.

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