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  1. That's actually hilarious!
  2. I provided the signs. (Not that credits were necessary.)
  3. Looking good! I don't know if it's intentional or not, but the button says "+" unless you open the spoiler (after which it says "Show"). A minor thing but wanted to point it out.
  4. I'd change the border width to 1px like so: Other than that, it's pretty good now.
  5. Wonder how white bars with black title would look like?
  6. What I meant is that I concur with Akasha. It's just a personal opinion anyway, but I prefer how the spoilers were earlier. Blue is perfectly fine, no need to change it.
  7. Not a fan of the blue bar either, but at least it's functional now. Good job!
  8. It's engrossing to follow the progress. Keep it up, you're almost there!
  9. [spoiler=Wow!]Blue spoilers?
  10. Is there any point in arguing about development choices, whether they were poor or not? In the end it's the developers' source of income, so you'd think they try their best to keep the game fun and interesting for the majority. If they fail to do that, it's their problem. If you don't like where the game is going, what's stopping you from leaving it forever?
  11. Here's a random thought: The denizens of bigger planets would have an edge in an intergalactic arm wrestling competition because their muscles would be more developed due to greater gravitation of their home planet.

  12. Ninja Owl

    Free stuff

    All winners have been notified via a personal message so check your inbox, everybody. I will re-raffle any unclaimed rewards next weekend. Thanks for participating, everyone!
  13. Holy crap, the amount of nerdgasms Nintendo caused me just moments ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POsTR5iy_TI
  14. Or perhaps you just have to get used to it.
  15. Ninja Owl

    Free stuff

    Forgot to mention earlier but I will start giving away stuff next weekend, so participating is possible until then.
  16. Ninja Owl

    Free stuff

    Snowman, for instance. Nope, not quitting. Already did about two years ago.
  17. Ninja Owl

    Free stuff

    Hey there! I've got some spare items, but I have nobody to give them to. So if you happen to be in need of signs of imperishability, costumes, or other such items, leave a reply to this topic and you could receive something. Your server or side does not matter but let me know if you have a Legion character in EU-Emerald, I have some things to give away there too. Thanks for your interest!
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