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  1. zeus have many coustume , this is a nice costume costume can get u +5% physical demage or magic demage
  2. happy birthday , good luck and healthy always for all teams AIGRIN
  3. Tukar ke Bahasa IndonesiaIn the past before the white wanderer create a world that is now called arinar, white wanderer had met with the orc who are looking for a Pandora box to gain great strength from the legend box, white wanderer was involved in a fierce battle with the giants of Sauron's creation (movies lord of the ring xD), white wanderer can defeat the orcs although it takes a long time: D. However, the orc shaman managed to flee away into the land ayvondil, white wanderer who pursue the orc shaman also lost track very fast because orc shaman, white wanderer went home and seal one of the places on the mainland ayvondil. But when the orc shaman find a way out of ayvondil she finds Pandora's box, and he was getting a very large force of the Pandora box. He knows that the mainland ayvondil sealed, shamn orc tried to break the seal created by the white wanderer, but it is only vain creatures no one else can match the power of the white wanderer, any orc shaman who failed to break the seal can only wait for the successor nomad white (GM: *) makes the mistake of opening the seal that place. And now just wait a few more weeks, the game master (GM) opened slah one place in ayvondil, let the hero arinar find and defeat the orc shaman and if lucky you will get accessories to the adder demage :*:* and the first prize is a costume orc shaman :*:*:* Rate me guys if u want accesories with physical demage and cute coustume
  4. the past before the white wanderer creating a country that called arinar , white powder with a walk in ayvondil met with a bunch of orcs , he was involved in a fierce battle with Sauron 's creatures , the battle lasted a long time he could defeat the orc , the orc managed to escape namu ayvondil themselves deep into the country , after pursuing for so long he lost track of the orc , white wanderer went home and seal the map ayvondil however , orc who live alone were also found pandora box , he gain great strength from the box, he tried to unseal white wanderer but it all just wasted he could not unseal creator arinar country . The orc could only wait for the successor to white wanderar ( Game Master ) broke the seal . Info : 800,000 and 800 hp energy Skill : Healing Dew , Harad 's Tears , Illusory chains , and blazing ground Map boos : no Moob only boos alone
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