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  1. [ FEARLESS ADVENTURER ] Hello everyone !!! In the outskirts of the dangerous Norlant Island ... Trying to reach the desired destination (Kottaravva) ... Among many teleportation, among strong enemies ... Traveling, traveling, although he did not find the necessary resources, to make a beautiful and enchanting dress. Back at the Zeneth-Haf site, I decided to buy what was needed from a very professional merchant. With the bag full of different linen, apprentice scissors, and a little coarse yarn ... To shape your dress, cut and mend many fabrics, with the yarn to give more strength to the cloth ... With the final finish between a mysterious and strange blend of dye and an enchanting tourmaline, to get to the effect of color ... The great magical hands of an old friend came into action ... And with this mixed up here and there, a comfortable and simple cloth dress was made. My old friend frogol, always surprise me with many gifts ... A large, fluffy red bow made with fine tufted wool and scarlet blood. Oops !!! Blood...... Linen fabric, coarse yarn, apprentice scissors found in merchants, other entres. The mysterious blend of tincture with enchanting tourmaline stone. Great red bow made with tufa from there and scarlet blood. Thankful !!! - Shayla Br Tourmaline
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