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  1. It's public information, but I can apply some censorship if it bothers.
  2. Let me show you how this works: I have a picture from Google. It's resolution is 800x600. Here is how it looks on a display with the same resolution: Now, here is the same background with 1920x1080 resolution display: So basically, until we get stretching background images your best bet is to have an image that's as large as possible.
  3. The image's resolution depends on your own preferences. How it looks in your profile, however, depends on the screen it's viewed on. For example, if your background image is 640x480, it will show up in the top-left corner on a 1920x1080 display. In other words, it doesn't stretch. You can tile the image in the settings but that's good for patterns only, as it says there too.
  4. That's what you get for being naive. Also, I don't think AIGRIND take offering in-game services for real money lightly.
  5. 0. Some years ago, however, I got a cape with sun magic from an event dungeon. Sold it for 1000k. You?
  6. Only the oldest players remember playing Warspear on the NES.
  7. Deutsche forum? Ich kann leider nur ein bisschen Deutsch...
  8. That's because the skill itself doesn't deal damage directly but it gives the enemy a debuff that does. So whenever this debuff deals damage, the druid should lose stealth.
  9. That means the item cannot be used in a battle. It doesn't specify how its effect works.
  10. But earthquake is a damaging skill, right? Didn't Daria say in one of the several duplicates of this topic that any damaging skill removes stealth?
  11. The list is actually missing the introduction quest to Norlant swamps because it doesn't actually connect to the storyline. Here are my notes if anyone cares: I will probably never make anything Ayvondil or newer content related. Mainly because I don't play Warspear anymore. However, I do have a couple unfinished projects I will finish whenever I feel like doing it.
  12. Hey there! Here's a detailed list of Norlant swamps' main storyline's quests that was originally meant for the wiki (specifically as an addition to this page), but never made it so far. Felt like sharing it here for those who are interested in Norlant's story. Notice that these dialogs are taken from Legion's side, some details may be different for the Sentinels. Norlant Swamps Quest giver: Helg Initial dialog: Your departure for Ayvondil has to be postponed due to an alarming message sent by Dismard, whom you were supposed to meet under the canopy of the Eternal Forest. The advanced units of the Legion failed to occupy Ayvondil's shores – the ancient forest's power is still strong, though the elves left it five centuries ago. Nevertheless, we shouldn't abandon hope – Dismard felt some sort of power related to the magic of the Eternal Forest during his journey to Ayvondil. The source of this power is hidden in the very heart of the Norlant Swamps. Go there – our sailors will help you reach these stinking marshes. Completion dialog: The old shaman has notified me of your arrival. I will be happy to accept your help with searching the source of the magic power – you are rumoured to be one of the smartest and luckiest warriors of the Legion. We are in Zeneth-Haf now, which is a small Chainless League outpost situated on the Border of the Norlant Swamps. Even League merchants won't venture far into these lands – the only way to travel around the marshes is to use ancient magic teleportation devices created before the War of the Spear. These lands once belonged to the Norlant Kingdom, which was ruled by people then. We will soon know a lot of new facts about it... Reward: 10 70 14 Echo of Centuries Quest giver: Busiris Initial dialog: The long-standing friendship with the Firstborn helped the Norlant sovereigns to keep their borders safe for many years. The magicians of Norlant combined the power of human and elven magic and managed to create a complex teleportation system that survived the chaos of the War of the Spear and the rage of the Great Divide. These teleportation devices are the only way to search the swamps now... The marshes are still hiding many dangerous secrets. According to the Chainless League merchants, they saw a mysterious old man on one of the islands in the depths of the bog. You should find the way to this island – I suppose the old man isn't an ordinardy hermit; he must be able to tell us something about the origin of the power that we need. Completion dialog: Only a few have managed to come to my abode... Perhaps I'll be able to slake your thirst for knowledge... I remember the times when Norlant was a majestic, flourishing kingdom. And then Oldris, father of Orin, conquered Norlant – the last independent people's kingdom lost its freedom... The statue standing by my hut depicts Vitold, the last king of Norlant... His country was later ravaged by the terrible war that was started by the Damned King – and the Great Divide smashed these lands with fire and water and turned Norlant into lifeless swamps... You might ask, how can I know this... I am Vitold of Norlant... Reward: 11 80 14 Vitold's Pain Quest giver: Vitold Initial dialog: I fell during the War of the Spear while trying to protect my lands against Orin's cohorts. The Damned King's necromancers brought me back to life; they filled my veins with poisoned black blood. Nevertheless, I managed to save my memory and my mind, as I had spent long years studying the Sun and the Moon's magic under the canopy of Ayvondil. That's how I attained this kind of immortality, although I had no wish to achieve it. I stayed here, where everything is filled with pain, and recall the past. Unfortunately, the elven queen, Valariya, who taught me, perished during the war. Before I died, I ordered the erection of a huge statue in her honor – the savages living in the settlement in the swamps will help you find it. Completion dialog: You've overcome the obstacles created by big Ravva! That's the way of the strong – Ravva has acknowledged you and turned your steps towards Kotaravva, where we, the children of Ravva, glorify our Mother and thank her for water and other gifts she sends us! What are you looking for? Great power? Listen to my words – it's hidden in Small Ravva! The power contained in the octahedral stone is guarded by the multi-headed incarnation of Ravva! Withstand the trials of Small Ravva and the stone will be yours! Reward: 16 90 14 Item for selection: Random Ravva's Power Quest giver: Kepala Initial dialog: Ages ago, the pointy-eared children of the forest presented the people's lord with an octahedral stone. He ordered a statue to be erected to honor the queen of the forest children, whom he loved – and the stone lit its brow. But then came the storm, the water and earth merged, and this deadly dance lasted for eight days and eight nights – when it was over, Ravva absorbed these lands into her maternal womb. Towns and walls were ruined – Ravva didn't want to be oppressed with heavy stones. But the statue of the queen didn't sink as other stones did. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to find it, but beware of Ravva's multi-headed incarnation. At Valariya's diadem: The stone diadem is encrusted with a big shining stone. The Firstborn gave King Vitold a princely gift. By sheer luck the diadem with the stone broke off and didn't follow the statue that sank in the deep waters... Handed items: Valariya's stone Busiris: Do you feel the power of the stone? Don't give it to me as my frail bones will turn into ashes once I touch its sides! I'm surprised that you got the stone and managed to return safe and sound! Sail to Irselnort as soon as possible and deliver Valariya's stone to Helg! Let the old shaman decide how we can use the power of this stone to enter Ayvondil! Completion dialog: Great Spirits, this stone is pulsing with ancient magic! Now, as we have the source of power related to the magic of Ayvondil, we'll manage to occupy the forbidding coast! Of course, we'll need some time to master the energy of the stone. But when it's finally done, the battle for Ayvondil will begin – the destiny of Arinar will be decided under the canopy of the Eternal Forest! Reward: 18 100 14 Item for selection: Random
  13. Ninja Owl


    Remember to delete all of your characters!
  14. My bet's on Team Wedgehead. Why does water go stale overnight?
  15. Well, I'll be damned. You guys are easy to entertain. Take notes, AIGRIND!
  16. Some douche has reserved Ninjaowl on US-Sapphire.
  17. Just a random thought, but castle defence kind of wars would be fun. One attacking team/faction against a defending one. Objectives would be to defend the castle until time runs out or capture it as the attacking team. That, or king of the hill mode where the team that has hold of the castle when time runs out wins.
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