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  1. Though, in defense of the developers, several suggestions have made it into the game over the years.
  2. Ninja Owl

    Amping site

    Neat little calculator! Ask them to reveal drop rates next!
  3. I see this guy in the mirror every day. Accurate depiction!
  4. Ninja Owl

    Amping site

    Yeah, I read through the source code. You couldn't type anything in the field earlier, but it seems to be working nicely now. Good job! Can't help you with the percentages. The table you posted is probably the only piece of information the developers have ever granted us. Who knows, the values could even vary depending on the weapon type.
  5. Not sure if this is a serious request, but at a glance it has the same proportions as a naked character so it should be fine. Pixel size is a different story, though.
  6. "What are you doing in my swamp!?"
  7. The costume should fit inside the pink borders. Therefore, it's 4 pixels too wide at the shoulders.
  8. Ninja Owl

    Amping site

    Protip: Allow users to set a value for the "amp0" variable.
  9. Expected a masterpiece. Wasn't disappointed.
  10. I'm still trying to come up with an idea but you can expect fierce competition!
  11. Pixly is great for Android. Photoshop or GIMP for PC.
  12. The idea is more important anyway. I can lend you a hand with the illustration if needed.
  13. We should also, at the very least, be able to move when rooted by a druid
  14. Reminds me of the time when we had the karma system on the old forum, they disabled the negative karma button but people found out you could still "smite" by modifying URLs. Poor Russelelf got smited to oblivion until his karma was reversed and Dredd appeared with like -1000000 points. Good times!
  15. Ninja Owl


    You'll need to get invited by a member to join a guild. Alternatively, you can create your own guild. Arena is entered via the menu. Press on menu, then arena, and choose the arena type. If you're a party leader you will register your whole party to the arena queue as a team, if it's of adequate size of course.
  16. How dare you! When I find out where you live, you're screwed!
  17. No embedding needed, just post the link and the video will show up.
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