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  1. And hamstring them in middle of their fight with pros!
  2. Hi guys M new at the game,(eu-emarald) Lvl 14,My current quest include (as zigora,Bd) areas near nadir-sarad. The complex itself is neutral but covered by areas full of legions, well that's not the matter.. But every time I get killed, I can respawn at least 4-5 chunks away.. Since it is a common area, I think both faction's respawn statues should be present there. Otherwise only way is to move in parties even in the easiest quest .guys with level around 14-15 (f2p amped) can't win against passing legion pros.... So if they show up in middle of a quest, we have to travel again a little long way. Is that place intentionally left without any spawn point?? Or something else??.... Yeah m a noob so don't cry saying "shut ur mouth up noob" Cuz everyone is a noob at start.
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