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  1. Hello,i played for a short amount of time this game,i want to start playing this game again. I see that there are new classes for each faction. Still i want to ask,which class/faction should i use for pve,taking in consideration that i am a beginner, Thank you!
  2. a good pve build for pala?
  3. I started playing with paladin again.seeker had too many passive skills..I will try to play charmer or warlock.:D
  4. thanks but i saw that bladedancer was nerfed no?I would like to know which class is the best no matter how hard it is.I started playing with seeker they seem ok.
  5. For each all four factions there is a new hero.which one of these heroes is better for a new player?
  6. Which one is better to become a hybrid in pve/pvp ranger or bladedancer?
  7. Dk skills super easy.for me it seems easier.plus that on the elf first map I had 3-4 bosses and no one to help me...
  8. Now i know.low level players must first advance in level to be in a guild...
  9. I switched to dk.after I tried bladedancer at LV 5-6 I had too many bosses to kill and no one helped me so I deleted that char...
  10. I an a new player on EU Emerald server LV 5 deathknight looking for a guild...if there is one for new players.
  11. Thanks In pve bladedancer seems invincible )
  12. What about deathknight?) sorry for bothering youmi tried almost every class.but I realized that I will never make another human char class )
  13. Tudor Florin


    I have a rogue vut I am thinking of making a bladedancer or a ranger.but I am thinking at a class which would work well in pvp and pve but more focused on pve.btw I am a new player.so if someone could help me with tips and a skill build
  14. Os still build good for a rogue?
  15. I made a rogue i think it is better.On Us Sapphire.ny ingame name is TrueRiter
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