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  1. when i was in sithlords i won 4-1 vs you , lol don't lie , and when i had no guild u won 3-2 . Lier
  2. Hello guys ! This is my Let's Play video. Hope you'll enjoy it. Good luck to all the participants !
  3. yes and except Pvproman , lol , shaman is also a good class that must have skill to play it .
  4. it is really neccesary to record our voice and do comentaries or we can do a present of the game without voice, only with a music?
  5. Good Job SiThLoRdS , first lvl8 guild from us
  6. lvl 23 weapons-gears gonna be added in next expansion , when max lvl gonna be 28 , so just wait....
  7. It's so simple , he did a fake site and if you enter your account there , he gonna get the dates you entered on his e-mail or g-mail , so he get your account . So yes , he's a scammer , ignore him
  8. yes what is next season reward? can be same of this season?
  9. Night Prince weapons are were avalible only in halloween event , so no.
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