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  1. got everything done at lv16, the quests after sea monster were no problem, got me gear, buffed it, now what? Well, i'm finally in a position where i feel comfortable in this environment & happy to take it easy & find out.. some things could've been easier along the way, that's all.. ..been thinking of stuff as i go, probably back here again one day.
  2. Sometimes it gets quite frenetic here, it would be helpful if we device users could assign maybe half a dozen 'pre set messages' that only require a keypress or easy command to run, such as !1 to type stored message 1 these could maybe be created by typing !sm1 , !sm2 , and so on.. !sm1 hi, got any spare change?
  3. One location mentioned above was not the dungeon quest after all, it was down at this boiling lakes nearby, I'd gotten used to map location feature by then- still not sure how & why I confused the location? A location icon that were an animated gif (2 frames?) would alleviate that. I think this would only work while searching thru quest list & selecting the 'show on map' feature (otherwise, if you view map this way, all the green dots of all active quests will display) at times there is a green ring that circles the map grid of a quest location but this doesn't seem to work for every
  4. *islenort some mobs have around 900hp & others around 1200-1400hp, if weak like me find an area with a clump of the weaker ones & scrape your coin together.. *new class: scrap-collecter
  5. image hosting over 5mb all the yellow quests seem to be done (islenort) except these two (the blue one i'm half way through & probably won't be able to finish alone) Both of these seem to require a party, one is a dungeon quest recommended for level 19!? this sea monster one is what i'm currently working on for chainless reputation, there was an island to the north east that had a couple of quests there but seemed pretty spartan otherwise, coulda been stocked a little more maybe? The games is still giving lv14 stuff around here & the equipment these chainless quests unlock is on
  6. From the abundance of the heart the mouth does speak..
  7. Yeah rukka rukka, i see the same people here a bit, in world chat i mean.. bit of banter goes back & forth, we get to know each other... they're in a different league than me, and i think we might be approaching game from different directions but sometimes it all converges & goes well, lots of diverse types out there y'know? one thing i think we have in common tho' is a like for mmo, and i reckon we all buy mc from time to time (support the grind) & we're pretty active.. what i'm getting at is a painful reiteration of something like the town message board idea.. for obviou
  8. Sweet, ty again for info. Oh, hey owl, thanks, i'm not all pith & vinegar.. Anyway, no suggestion this time, & the cynicism slowly fading into mere begrudgement, gotten past learning curve now.. some things i will never understand tho- spent lot of time solo as always, managed to find guy1 calling for sea monster pt, he already at location (hiding in cave) He watching me make several attempts to get out there, at times commenting, seems like decent fellah.. many deaths later, i recruiting back in tele-location, awkwardly grabbing guy2 while guy3 seems to tele to location (h
  9. *DUNGEON IDEA (from before) free jpeg images ^there are 9 uncompleted hallways or passages there, so that thing is only like 10% of how large it should be.. I color-coded it very simply, to show access- that first room for example has 3 (unlocked) doors to choose from- this starts taking you into 'the dungeon' [1] left door - hall of hero's Mobs here, in the wall recesses are statues of players who ....did something in game?? -that's one of the hallways I didn't complete- where does it lead to? ...i don't wanna know, I wanna find out one day.. [2] middle door Opens into an e
  10. Good job, Torquemada, on placing the quests required to unlock this gear I'm after deeeeeep within enemy territory.. I get it, it's probably to promote partying but it's not so easy to get one going, as many know. The party matching system would at least help with that, it is a very basic implementation of any mmo, the guild message board would also help with this & other things- but both are not here. Some mmo's offer a special teleport scroll with between 5-10 locations you can save (yes, an item mall item) but the scrolls to then get to saved locations are themselves sold in norma
  11. ^Guild Constantly inactive or incompatible login times (uhh, not on my end, i log in frequently, i like mmo) problem is not "me", ok? Just getting that out there for anyone quick to judge. Look at chat pic above, 3rd attempt was enquiring of only active guild member- no hablo taco bell, please do note i did have the fledgling ability to understand the other person's language & reply in a proto form of it, one picks these things up in mmo's, yeah? So anyway, this is like (my) 3rd or 4th guild with same issues, to be expected in mmo but.... other mmo's have things like guild message board
  12. Uhh, ok can't figure out how to edit that last post (mighta just liked myself?) so here goes, that pic above represents about 1 hour game time of any given day here, the first guy is good enough to be straight-up (I'm working my way to my objective solo, Garr shag & notice him out front berenger's tower) no prob - I make it to Garr shug knight's crib & rush thru spiders (rookie move) there's a red in there waiting for shag to respawn who promptly jumps me with spiders everywhere, no prob just a learning experience... so i don't respawn in town straight away (keep reading- i already
  13. Just gonna (try) upload an image & then mention some stuff about it, if the upload works i'll know the upload method works & won't have make even more unnecessary posts than i already do (dunno if posts can be edited here, i'll try doing that first)
  14. Ty, appreciate the succinct advice very much, i will certainly be looking into those things *when the time comes* ..but for now, at lvl16 i will be aiming for this thing that has been dangled in front of me, especially as game is so heavily pay-to-play, stingy with drops, and still offering me lv14 pieces of crap as rewards for these & similar quests.. I know what you're saying at the end there, with the 'high lvl players' still using lower sets, sure- that's exactly what i'm staving off here, 16 is my high level, i've already resigned myself to how it works here & prep'd, can
  15. So, blog/suggestion area, whatever.. Pertinent info: [1] Guild message board Dross: Yeah, got me first chainless quest done today (+250 rep, on me way to that elusive berenger's light gear, which i'll probably be over-level for by the time I get it*, & i'll be lusting for another set by then, yeah?) *by the time.. Yep, that quest was in a dungeon in the enemy lands, by now ya know me views on partying with others so i set out solo (with me paltry supplies, remember?) & arrive at dng- this was interesting! There was a lone red name there & we both 'tolerated' one anothe
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