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  1. I just checked today when I need to take gold and it isn't there I checked all my accounts to and seems like a bug all the gold vanished. What is this warspear!?
  2. Counters for attack strenght: no exists Look at this seeker never dies cost a lot to kill him because some players exploited the skill and the stats
  3. You have right in some arguments, but the idea is make the game playable and not impossible to the players, but in balanced or developments always was unfair for legionaries, and some of sentinels skills should be moved to legion too, like attack streght shields or mantra.
  4. In this unbalanced game shouldn't have, and if exist dmg summon should be reduced a lot Bms only knows spam the tree
  5. Why dmgs got summon? I want a summon then, 15k hp summon pls
  6. Shouldn't duplicate the effects.
  7. Paladin is a good choice if you want to go tanky for dungeons, the class has a better chance to aggro enemies than Templarians, it's important to know and never forget that aggression skills are important to use if you want to save them from the death. Another build is the damage class type, there are other builds depending on your game. The Templar class is for doing supports, like saving someone from death using a mantra, to damage the enemy, even control effects towards enemies. I think some players built a tanky Templar mod, but the aggro isn't enough to get past the most damage classes. Other factors are important to the demands of your game, server, and guild. Both are in high demand for guild events. You choose, I recommend that you read the Paladin and Templar Guides in the classes section of the forum. But if you want to tank up, you better go with a Guardian, because Paladins sometimes need some Vamp in an emergency. But both classes are blessed of HP stats dependence, it gives a nice performance many of times so I think Vampirism is more dependient on Templar sometimes if you tank with this class you can't use mantra or your group is going to die. Good luck!👍
  8. the most stresfull feeling in a picture
  9. Congratulations to everyone, to the developers @Holmes and forum team @LeeLoo@Dr Strange@Nolan@Higgings@Jcbreff for take your time to continue implementing new updates this year, for keeping us up to date, and for providing their services to maintain a community in the forum, was a difficult year but amazing and funny at same time, now the next one will be better. Congratulations to @Vera_Z Master of Arts finally PD: For next year should add a Medal for Master of Arts and increase rewards cause art is hard to make too. (': That's all Happy New Year 2023!!
  10. Rogue Change of faction passive skills Mountain’s Power Now the skill increases the maximum health by 4%, physical and magical strength by 2% for the character. A bit of bonus damage, sounds like a free talent easily, the problem come from Shamans, Barbarians, Rogues cannot increase damage like Forsakens so this buff is something irrelevant being 2% only. Only I don't understand something this is new system or this is adding? If it is the new system scheme, then welcome. Change of basic set skills Deadly Illusion Now copies of the character inherit from the character 100% of the “Accuracy”, “Penetration” and “Critical Damage” parameters and 50% of the “Attack Speed” and “Critical Hit” parameters. This is cute and powerful but I think you should block use of skills during copies, someting like powerful summons and increase 60% speed and critical, seems nice in my imagination. Irreversible Anger Reduced the maximum number of skill effects from 10 to 5. The bonus of the "Accuracy" and "Penetration" parameters of the character has been adjusted: it was 2%, now it is 3%. The duration of the skill has been adjusted: it was 30 sec., now it is 20 sec. Before 20% now 15% of Accuraccy and Penetration, nerfed but is balanced. Invisibility detection The mechanics of invisibility detection has been changed: now the chance to detect an enemy decreases depending on the distance to the target (the further the target, the lower the chance). New mechanics apply to skills and items: Eye of Darkness (Charmer) Dragon Eye (Mage) Greater Potion of Detection Medium Potion of Detection Eyes of Anglerfish This sounds nice but in case of Charmer how they can be fast hands to detect seekers before hit? Rogue cannot run fast and is more easily for them avoid Rogue Merciless Strike Increased skill cooldown from 6 sec. to 10 seс. The CD Honestly I personally don't mind being full Merciless Strike abuse every time it was active was a pain, plus it will be a less constant energy drain, because if it happens sometimes that all the skills are used and it recharges very quickly. Now the physical damage from the skill does not depend on the level of the character: it was 2 pts. per level. Adjusted the amount of damage from the skill: from 40 \ 55 \ 70 \ 85 \ 100 pts. and 105 \ 110 \ 115 \ 120 \ 125% of the character's physical strength, to 20 \ 40 \ 60 \ 80 \ 100 pts. and 140 \ 145 \ 150 \ 155 \ 160% of the character's physical strength. Where can players see the actual math ability damage formula? Because those dots don't explain anything. The only understandable thing is that it only increases the damage but the points decrease, so it is difficult to comment on this as a nerf, buff or it remains the same but with a system change. Honestly, I am very interested in knowing the formula to be more specific. The final physical damage of the skill has changed: instant damage slightly increased, damage per minute significantly decreased. Em... What? Well, in reality, this is not understood if the skill is instant damage, not periodic damage Gouge The skill now casts on all enemies within 1 yard around the character without selecting a target. 3x3 Skill without selecting, this means better playing performance in enemy selection, is a beatiful mechanic. Within 3 sec. after use, the character can use the “Stealth” skill even in a combat state and if there are opponents nearby. The 3 seconds can look bad but in turn it is balanced in case someone resists the skill has a chance to respond during those 3 seconds. But I see a problem is regarding the duration of this skill, so in my opinion the escape from danger mechanic should be reduced to 2 seconds for Rogues and Seekers. I mean these problems with the relic that puts Nightmares of 5 seconds, the skill is literally consumed so those 3 seconds are enough to locate the Rogues and Seekers in those cases that want to escape just by seeing where they are going. Adjusted the maximum number of PvP-targets: from 3 \ 4 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6, now 3 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6. Stealth Increased the cooldown of the skill from 8 sec. to 12 sec. Now in the first 2 sec. after using the skill, enemies cannot detect the character or bring them out of invisibility using attacks or skills. This doesn't benefit Rogues much, only Seekers that have movement speed while invisible. The idea of not detecting the 2 seconds, is decent to counter and remove the traps but this depends a lot on the enemy's yardage. characters that have attack range reach 6 yards on their basic autoattacks and it takes 2 seconds to literally go 5 yards. The skill can now be used even in a combat state, if within 8 yards there are no opponents. I like this so much, finally this class is turning into a Rogue, this idea is amazing finally another way to answer to enemies use Gouge or took distance. It's time to test if the skill is actually good, because there are arena maps that have only one path with forks, the operation of which looks a bit strange. So, will it count as 8 steps or as distance itself? vvv Fast things, irrelevant for me.vvv Ricochet The skill no longer has a base physical damage: it was 40 \ 50 \ 60 \ 70 pts. Now the physical damage from the skill does not depend on the level of the character: it was 2 pts. per level. The amount of physical damage from the skill has been adjusted: from 50 \ 60 \ 70 \ 80% of the character's physical strength, to 75 \ 80 \ 85 \ 95% of the character's physical strength. Resumed: Nothing changed only +DMG in effect maybe, Naa... I still hate this thing for me there is literally no point in using this hahaha... or that it was a tank, or it gave me the ability to stop time and click the enemy instantly. Added limit for the maximum number of PvE-targets: 8 \ 10 \ 12 \ 14. The only thing that makes sense is that the Key talent already makes sense, because it was unlimited enemies in PvE hahaha The final physical damage of the skill has not changed. Extermination Reduced the cooldown time of the skill from 40 sec. to 25 sec. FINALLY! God I don't have to worry so much about the CD anymore The duration of the effect has been adjusted: from 12 \ 16 \ 20 \ 25 sec., to 24 \ 26 \ 28 \ 30 sec. (: Now the skill increases the “Attack Speed” parameter of the character for each equipped dagger by 8 \ 10 \ 12 \ 15%. Now the skill increases "Attack Speed" by 5 \ 6 \ 8 \ 10% and "Skills Cooldown" by 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12.5% for each one-handed sword equipped. The skill now increases the character's "Skills Cooldown" parameter by 12 \ 16 \ 20 \ 25% for each one-handed axe equipped. I won't say anything, because I honestly hate Rogues with 2 axes, they don't and can't have a good build, it's better to go attack speed than to be a turtle, and with this they are even more turtles I think the attack speed lost with swords is compensated by the crafted ones, thank goodness I already have them, and the daggers also compensate the crafted ones but it gives less CD, so a build of swords would be more decent. I liked this separation, so those who use daggers They will not be able to abuse the skills much since they are fast. personally ROGUE is swords If they use spring daggers, it doesn't matter, I think they'll have plenty of speed to spare. The only bad thing is in PvP, it is forcing to use Ferocity Daggers when we do not have penetration like the Seekers, so Ferocity Swords are slower. Sinister Strike The skill no longer has a base physical damage: it was 50 \ 70 \ 90 \ 120 pts. Now the physical damage from the skill does not depend on the level of the character: it was 3 \ 5 \ 7 \ 10 pts. per level. The amount of physical damage from the skill has been adjusted: from 40 \ 50 \ 65 \ 80% of the character's physical strength, to 130 \ 135 \ 145 \ 160% of the character's physical strength. Damage is decently increased It really didn't do anything, it looks better so I have another damage skill to use. A think a have a new toy The skill now applies the “Excision” effect on the enemy for 7 \ 10 \ 13 \ 15 sec., which reduces any incoming healing by 20 \ 25 \ 30 \ 40%. This now causes use, my question is: does this count for Vampirism? Because if so, it sounds generous. The resulting physical damage of the skill has significantly increased. Flurry of Steel Cast range adjusted from 5 yards to 4 yards. The skill no longer has a base physical damage: it was 10 \ 20 \ 30 \ 50 pts. Now the physical damage from the skill does not depend on the level of the character: it was 3 \ 4 \ 5.5 \ 7 pts. per level. The amount of physical damage from the skill has been adjusted: from 85 \ 110 \ 125 \ 145% of the character's physical strength, to 115 \ 120 \ 135 \ 150% of the character's physical strength. (: Increased the chance of triggering the "Stunning" effect: from 35 \ 45 \ 60 \ 80%, now 100%. STUN 100%!! HAHAHAHA, now Sentinels can have a nice excuse for cry being bully by Rogues, use Resistance Runes bonus Healer classes, -HP? no worries is balanced no need more HP. It must be admitted that there are many parameters that ignore the stun so it did not make sense that it had a failure rate. The final physical damage of the skill has slightly decreased. Trickiest Technique Increased the chance of triggering the “Stunning” effect from 60 \ 70 \ 80 \ 90% to 100%. STUN 100%!! Again JSJSJS Adjusted the amount of healing from 15 \ 20 \ 25 \ 30% of maximum health to 8 \ 10 \ 12 \ 15% of maximum health. Now this is selfish, why didn't they nerf the Seeker's Healing?. I think we should all have the new brand mechanic of the Blade Dancer they heal 35% so it is seen in total at 4/4, now that this skill looks abusive, non Penetration or Attack Strength Parameters does the Rogue have. Frenzy Adjusted the amount of the bonus to the "Critical Hit" parameter: from 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 11%, to 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 12%. The amount of the bonus to the “Critical damage strength” parameter has been adjusted: from 6 \ 10 \ 14 \ 18%, to 8 \ 13 \ 17 \ 20%. Now "CH" (Critical Hit) and "CDS" (Critical Damage Strenght) new terms nice The skill no longer increases incoming damage against the character. Now finally this absurd debuff disappear after years! After discuss so much this year I will give myself a break at least I see the most decent class, not with such good performance but many things have changed I will have to aspire more next year as always, balances should be every 6 months
  11. I mean stupefying pain Lets see how classes suffer 1year more but I see many good things and some bit fails, anyway, the mechanics changed a lot
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