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  1. I think this bug applies to all map1 dungs same thing happen to me on elfs, even tho i did what it asked for, it was never done
  2. Haha yeah sure buddy you clearly didn't play any other online game You will get same ping only if all ws servers are located in the same place ( but i don't think a big mmo would do some dumb shit like this) anyway thanks for listening to what i said and letting us creating elfs
  3. this is also a good example of why they should remove it and make it only count toward players in that faction with a level higher than 20 but anyway idc just remove it for today, i wanna try out templar and no i don't want to play on another region and get 500 ping.
  4. it doesn't really balance anything, it just forces you to create 2 legion classes and level them up to 21, after that you will be able to create a sentinel class without any problem which is retarded imo
  5. nice Also remove the “there are too many heroes of the selected faction in the game realm” thing
  6. all these people talking about how both classes are broken and i'm here wondering if Chieftain skills concept is taken from league's character Udyr
  7. Druids can do exactly the same you better start playing druids
  8. Also can you make a video about how bd's can deal 2k damage beside being a tank beside Having x3 100% chance resist skill beside being up to run up to you and stun you with the 4 yard ham skill Then deleting you with one combo? idk you seem crying about shamans when bd itself been broken for 7 years now I suggest that you go full magic defense build sir, have a good day!.
  9. i don't play shaman and i'm not blind and i say it's pretty fair maybe tell your ranger friend to not fight a full greatness shaman
  10. xhero

    EULA Guidelines

    I'm waiting for that one guy who gonna say “They Just don't have enough evidence to start with” the first thing you gonna see when u make a legion mc char is this shit legit a whole ducking chinese guild that bot in arena/dealer and no action been taking against them, but then you have someone who ASK for a refund through a support ticket and they ban him for Eternity with the reason “VioLaTiOnS Of EuLa, FrUaDUleNt AcTiOnS WiTh PaYmEnTs SysTem” legit the only EULA rule they care about is the money one.
  11. xhero

    EULA Guidelines

    More like 80% of the player base breaks the account sharing rule.
  12. xhero

    EULA Guidelines

    That is not the case here, turtle is talking about the people that breaks EULA on daily basis and never get punished for it or Just get a week/month ban, also the Chinese that use bots In literally every server and they get away with it because they spend money on the game imo If you break the rules multiple times then obviously you don't give a F and you should be permanently banned.
  13. xhero

    EULA Guidelines

    They only permanently ban people that refund payments lol
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