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  1. So i've read the rules/eula and it says advertising in general is a punishable offence. So i'm wondering are you allowed to advertise/spam your Warspear forum post in the games world chat? I've come across this one dude doing so in the elf side since he got blocked in arena and is spreading a "rumor" that these 2 guys blocking him are bad people etc and just wondered is it allowed or not?
  2. Nothing special? I mean this is what everyone who is going for high rank in arena does... why even post this, it's not like any of this is new information or anything? Also "advertising" this post in world chat is just straight up annoying...
  3. So i created a support ticket regarding account recovery. They sent me an email asking for screenshots & other information. So i answered to that email with the information they asked for, now i'm wondering should i have created a new support ticket or was i correct when i answered to the email they sent?
  4. So we were completing the Berengar's Tower in mythical difficulty and when we got to the boss stage we couldn't use the teleport. We had killed all mobs required so we should have been able to use the Teleport to boss.
  5. His an moderator/forum moderator... His supposed to help people out here and answer their questions... smh😔
  6. Is this change permanent or only during this season?
  7. Ranger is too overpowered on my opinion. So i went pvp cave a ranger had placed explosive traps and he literraly 3 hit me to death with them... Also in arena a ranger did the same and hit 1.2k damage normal and 2.2k critical (On a tank char) like holy f**k ranger seriously needs nerf i dont know any chars that manage to do that much damage that fast :D
  8. Is it possible to full screen warspear on pc? i was just wondering so decided ask here i havent found any answers myself on the internet.
  9. This Glitch Appeared on war 7.7 (Friday) when you caputerd Legion or Riff flag the 2nd flag wouldn't appear and you couldn't attack the other flags also, Ghaspel, Riff has flags and they normally don't have Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WobLBoz69o4&feature=youtu.be
  10. There is a character glitch going on, this also can happen in lab, if many mobs attack you (Lyzois only showed how this bug works he didint abuse it/use it unfairly) Video:
  11. When you get the hair color gift (i dont know if works with normal hair color) and you use it you will get the Barber set options (Change hair style), but when you try to change hair style it won't change, and you wont get the option for coloring your hair at all.
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