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  1. all our subjects they ignore, they should eliminate Arena 6-16, because for them they don't always care if it exists or not, they are annoying.
  2. It would be fun because many people participate in arena lvl 10, will you pay the 28.5k coins?
  3. I would like to ride on Kronus
  4. We are already tired of so much humiliation! Do developers not like sand lvl 10? How much do we have to put up with this contempt for us?
  5. congratulations to all the winners, the content about the achievements helped me a lot!
  6. The question here is, are the developers working on this issue about the war? Because ultimante I have seen many topics related to this!
  7. Thank you very much, this topic will help me a lot!
  8. It would be nice to be able to choose which costume you want the feminine or masculine!
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