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  1. Just finished kaichou wa maid Sama. Any good rom-com suggestions??
  2. Cuz when I started playing ws . I was a ranger and rogue would always kill me. Once I saw two rogues killing a bd at dinalt , they both jumped on him at same time. it looked damn cool. liked the class ever since
  3. So just few hours ago After doing some quests at circus I noticed that one of my lvl18 +4 signet of elements ring has disappeared from bag. Althought I did drop 2 useless items from bag but I'm pretty sure that they were dropped right, I'm pretty sure I didn't drop it by mistake. Can you look into it and get me my ring back?? Thank you
  4. I already know about that link. It redirects to wp store.I'm looking for download link like on this site. http://www.appx4fun.com/down/2781/cdn/ But for latest version of game.
  5. Can any dev/admin post the xap file download link plz?? Windows store requires wifi. I don't have it.
  6. I already checked it.It redirects to windows store. I hope someone give me the Microsoft cdn ddl for xap file
  7. Downloading from windows store now requires wifi. I dont have wifi. Any other way to get game??
  8. Lol No. I can't believe how ppl cant understand simple things. like I said I can write 10 line paragraph on it . But no reason for that work. You can call me lazy too.
  9. I'm at bad at teaching/explaining. I quit after 2-3 times.
  10. Ok ppl. No more explanation for you. Be happy however you understood my comment. I ain't writing 10 line paragraph for you to get it.
  11. Oh. Damn. What I meant was Roland defended you hard bcuz u are a girl not bcuz you are Julie. I dont understand why are u mixing up your and roland's relation into this??
  12. >Never said you are flirting with him.>point was on Roland for defending you so hard. >guess I hit a wounded area. >I regret nothing.
  13. Girl charm worked on Roland too. Lol
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