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  1. You can be a hero somewhere else.
  2. It would be nice if players could just immediately go to the guild menu and click an activate button when they are trying to use a guild skill. I know this may defeat the purpose of all skills have to be assigned to be used but these skills are fairly different as they have tremendous cooldowns and their only used for rare occasions. Being able to activate them straight from the interface would just make it easier for players to do guild things without having to remove and replace a skill to add a guild skill then vise versa.
  3. For us crafters, it would be nice if you could show a player's craft experience when they open the crafting interface. Instead of this orange bar. I know you get it after completing a craft job but it wouldn't hurt to have the actual numbers there. Just like leveling experience. It can be added in attributes or alongside the bar i guess. Can help in remembering craft experience, calculating time to level, giving more effort
  4. 1. I dont play rogue, druid mostly 2. There's always never any demands in arena so leaving it on and forgetting about it is something that i and most people would do. 3. The trick is dead, it akways jas been since invulnerability was removed. Two seconds wont kill anyone, just make it fair i guess 4. Like i said, i dont wana make a big deal with this. Regardless of whether is implemented or not, just a small idea i thought of to help fix system problems.
  5. I know the invulnerability after returning from arena was removed due tomisuse or whatever, but, it would be nice for it to returnjust for 1 or two seconds after someone returns from arena. This is because: When a player finishes i arena and gets taken back to where they were, it takes a while before everything from that map is loaded again. Because of this, other enemies who you were killing or running away from are able to see your character first and attack tou before you can see or do anything. Hence, getting teleported into arena while your killing enemies or running from them is not a saving grace but a death sentence. Just a one or 2 second invulnerability would be nice to have so the map and its contents have time to load and the player doesn't come back like a sitting duck waiting to be killed from persistent enemies. This problem is also evident with the use of revive scrolls. _ Anyway, more so a first world problem so I wont make a big deal about it.
  6. What im saying is add locations/places where people get drops in world chat. Right now it just says the drop the player got not where. Would be nice for new/curious players who are wanting to try and get the same loot. Examples: player "monkey" has gotten lords enchanted baton from the temitary Player "monkey" has gotten sam hain suit from the horror chest
  7. Every weekend along with 50% mkre with mcoin purchases you used to put groups of mcoin items in sale(eg 60% off costumes). What happened to that? Would be nice to have it back for Christmas atleast
  8. Speaks for itself. Can be useful in uncertain situations. It can be situated in the level selection of the dungeon or as an alert when the player clicks on the dungeon.
  9. Never thought about that! Thats a good jdea though, they could even just number the minions maybe
  10. By quest helpers, im talking about the peoplebin ayvondil who trade signs of filth/caccoons for quest trophies. It would be nice if they were shown as. different colour on the map to prevent confusion and mix ups. - Also, an option to just disable their markers would be nice
  11. PARTY Just like how you see your minions health when you summon it, other team members minions should be shown as well. Can help for lab, farming, boss hunting when theres a lot of things to kill and the minions start losing health. EVENTS Batle for territories - anyone in map 2 should be bable to see the status(health) of the alliance's flag as if it were in their party. This can help to encourage players to defend and help in the event. The enemies' flag status could also be shown at the right side for additional information. ----- I know these features may not work for people with smaller resolution displays but it would be nice to have for those of us who have a lot of screen realestate and wanr that little bit extra information. Also, these features should be optional in settings(mainly the minion ones).
  12. Problem is that you over load bosses on wayy to much health that it become a pain in the ass to kill them and just seems boring (hydras spirit and new lab bosses). What im suggesting is to decrease health of most bosses in the game and keep it proportial to the ones in map 2. With that make them more challenging - more skills, smarter tactics. Dynamic maps etc. Like make it crazy more intuitive. Keep us on our feet. Health is just stupid and makes the game more boring. I know you also wana make money from us breaking our gears but you could atleast do it in a more interesting way. List of bosses with pointless amounts of health - PRETTY MUCH ALL THE BOSSES IN AYVONDIL, AA, THE NEW LAB.
  13. This absolutely blows. I had minions and pots activated only to have an unmentioned server maintenance /crash???
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