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  1. Hey roland can we have bonus miracle coins on buying coins this weekend?
  2. Godly

    Dear shyleen

    Hello i need you to contact me at my email since i cant access the game for some reasons [email protected]
  3. Thanks so much guys !! And am sorry for my late post ! I just opened the forum and saw this topic.. Thanks again . I miss you all . I will see you again soon in game when i download it again !!
  4. Godly

    The FoF Clan Book

    Happy New Year F.O.F :drinks:
  5. Godly


    Did i mention all philiphino peaple ? :facepalm:
  6. Godly


    Omg the jeluoses idiot filphinos coming here to say goodbye to me ;D Don't say any thing without a prof idiots . If you have a prof me lied post it here stupid greedy philipino ;)
  7. Godly


    Shame on you :bad: you Still posting here after what you heared :bad:
  8. Godly


    Who ask you to post here in my topic ? :facepalm: Go away :bad:
  9. Godly


    Bye all my friends and all my fof members and all my enemys am quiting this game untill the devs update this game and remove there shop from the menu list :- Reasons of quiting :- 1. Arena tickets 2. Max lv.18 3. Usless skills on all firsborn also the max of 10x skill points 4. This is a shop .. Not a game 5.nothing to do after getting arena set 6. Devs never lisent to our in forum or ethier replay to our posts 7.bcoz i found better game (order & chaos online ) At the end i like to thanks all my friends who i played with them and all my enemys who i war with them . It was a great times on 0.73 wish they could back this update no more pay to rule . But now is nothing to do with this ShopSpear .. Bye all have a nice playing enjoy Shoping in this Store bye!
  10. Godly

    The FoF Clan Book

    Here my arena set Also this is my balanced set with arena gears
  11. Well as for me i respect many elfs and mcs that i friendly with them ----- elfs ( slay . Vanhesling,striderman, kuroski,vic,species ,youasshole,shyleen,humanimal, dior,merc aka panda lol ,pinoy,siwers, and many ,,also i respect my old dudes who are they quit like egis,runescape ,minihemp ) On mc --- Red >> was the 1st mc who i saw , awwww . Sulla, marcin,and many mcs i forget there names ... Sorry if i didnt mention any my friend bcoz i forget many names !!
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