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  1. I feel like the only way to make call a good, but not overpowered skill is base the wolf's hp on your own hp Like 80% of your max hp gor the pet on 5/5? So if you have 3k hp ,your pet gets 2,4k hp when you spawn it? So it is not op on low level and not as bad on high level?
  2. Wow, this forum community seems so much nicer than in game All i see people do in the world chat is call each other gay and that gets old really quickly
  3. Verygoodname


    I feel like if they make a personal bank its going to cost a lot of miracle coins anyways
  4. If i had to pick three, it would be samurai champloo, my hero academia and mob psycho 100.
  5. Thanks, i have been farming 1st and 2nd boss in mountain clans and i only got amplifications, i saw a lot of people going for 3rd and 4th boss so i guess thats who i should farm
  6. Also, does anyone know where to find master/tempered/hunters armor (lvl9 purple armors) as a drop?
  7. I am a somewhat new player and i have a question: What does "gz" mean?
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