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  1. Anyone i used to know still play? I am/was: Physik, physiktwo, vestoryia, elecrtricz etc. let me know! Would love to connect and maybe get back into it hehe
  2. Heya! Totally forgot about this game til now, any old players that still play? Thinking of coming back 🙂
  3. Noo, remake lets be OP I'm going to spend 7-8k lets take over saph_us
  4. POLEYYYYY "Status: Missing In Action" you better come back too lets show these new playorz how to be a druid
  5. 4 times now? @panch - physik
  6. I think my return is long overdue But i'll most likely delete my druid and remake for the experience; anyone who still plays remember me?
  7. > multiple players complain about how staves can only be enchanted with dodge rune > devs give crystal instead > naice
  8. excellent updated (Y)
  9. if there arent many demands in arena, the system wont take into account battle power differences when matchmaking even i feel bad when im in arena with one of my close friends, timeussss against lower amped players - i like a challenge.
  10. I like this suggestion!
  11. alot of you will hate this idea but hey, long hair dont care Battle power system What is it? Battle power is a sum of all your currently worn gears amplification level and critical enchant bonus. If an item is critically enchanted by both rune and crystal, batter power bonus is equal to 4 (2 + 2) A +10 item is ewual to 10 battle power. 9 items +10 with critical enchanted bonuses = 126 battle power. Additionally you add the character level so 126 + 24 = 150 BP Item quality can also affect BP but later on. Whats the use of this system? It would be cool to know your effectiveness in both pvp and pve scenarios. Battle power could be insoected by players. Newwer dungeons or boss maps would have a warning saying "recommended Battle Power: 60" etc Battle power could then eventually be used in arena match making. The system would avarage the battle power of players and put them against others with similar amount if there is alot of demands at the time. Could also be used to stop lose party spamming. UPDATE: - Azebu
  12. Cant wait until you're banned, hopefully permanently. Stop commenting on everything, this post is about a necro passive skill. If you have a bone to pick, use private message. So done with you, 27 posts today, really?
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