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  1. Yup. Most annoying thing in my opinion is world chat, people are shouting to each other "gay" all the time - pisses me off, community in warspear online is hands down most immature I have ever seen.
  2. Im pretty sure majority of guilds haves kids in them. Too bad there isnt any guild for 18+ y/o. Most of guilds (including mine) doesnt seem to care what kind of people they recruit.
  3. Is there any new decoration skins/costumes coming to mcoin shop during event? EDIT: nvm. I should have read thread before posting this, lol.
  4. No further explanations needed, question is clear on topic title. My answer is strong no. What do you think?
  5. 1. It seems that answer to this question is different on everywhere, which one should I believe? Or should I waste shitload of gold and mcoins and figure it out myself? 4. when I asked on another thread when are they planning to add another mcoin bonus event, admin just said to me that make sure to follow news of the game - she could have told me that there is bonus on every weekend. I ended up buying mcoins 2 hours before weekend mcoin bonus...
  6. Has anyone else felt, that customer service is bad in warspear online? its not only bad when it comes to sending ticket and waiting answer for days. Most of the time these answers are lacking information aswell or those are unclear. Customer service is something that warspear online devs needs to improve - alot. Here is few reason why its bad: 1. We lack information about relics. For example how many relics I can add to certain skills or what kind of relics I can add to skills. 2. We lack information about skills. For example how much more your skill does damage when you upgrade it, how much more it costs mana etc... 3. Patch notes are unclear or lacking information. 4. They dont tell us in advance about incoming mcoin bonus events. 5. They dont give us free cookies EDIT: 6. We lack information about crystals and runes. For example: should I add lvl 16 crystal on lvl 16 weapon or buy crystal from mcoin shop, which one will benefit me more? With few small improvements they could improve game alot and make players happier. Let me know what are your thoughts about customer service!
  7. That hurts. Calling bodybuilder a swimmer is an insult. I am not a swimmer. I like to chill at beach when its summer.
  8. https://youtu.be/d-LImxGdKCc?t=66 Hanuman chalisa by Brenda Mcmorrow, Listen from 1:06 and be filled with ultimate love and joy!
  9. osmoskosmos15@gmail.com


    My birthday is tomorrow :> 28.2. Where is my gifts? :>
  10. 1 year progression. I just wanted to highlight how much my back has widened - therefore my muscle profile isnt best possible, pretty bad actually.
  11. Little bit offtopic here, but I couldnt find private message option here at forums. I would be interested to know if you have planned another 50% or 100% extra mcoin event?
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