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  1. CrossfitandCatalonia

    Recovery my two accounts

    Hello, if any admin or support guy can help me. Im a older player from 2011 and now I wanna play a bit with some friends. Just now I send a support ticket with some info but the main problem is, I dont remember any old email or password and nothing. This is my new forum account but my old account is crossfit and more older espanish94. I want yo recovery my rogue crossfit lvl 20 and my warlock catalonia lvl 21. From emerald. Any help guys?
  2. CrossfitandCatalonia

    Old days!!!!

    Puto mecha pues perdi el contacto con el hace 3 años y cree este topic solo para recordar viejos tiempos y spanish aparecio, al parecer juega desde hace unos meses de nuevo. Maybe but its very hard, no time for warspear, but maybe I can return a bit for kill some nubs again hehehe
  3. CrossfitandCatalonia

    EU Emerald - ABC Family

    Best family ever ❤
  4. CrossfitandCatalonia

    Old days!!!!

    Just checked topic and I meet a big surprise, probably my best friend here and my first friend in this game from my country read this. We lost phone numbers 3 years ago... Hes playing again since 2 months ago LOL holy fk. Hes "spanish" the beast! Thanks again warspear for give me this second chance with spanish I can believe lol. Hi ninja I remember you a bit but not at all nice to see ya. Thanks nosotraes its sad to know people want hunt a boss before hunt a enemy in nadir or around like old times :(
  5. CrossfitandCatalonia

    Old days!!!!

    Hello everybody just came here after many years for see how is going warspear and remember all my time in this game where I meet great friends now some still with me! Im really happy and even crying when I read old stuff like this or just checking old topics... or even when I see developers like snorlax, he was really a good boy in forum, I miss you all!!! Now im another man with a great life even I have a kid. I hope all the new players enjoy this game and meet friends like we did in the past. I wish to warspear the best future, keep the fight in nadir!!!!!