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We farm hard and got nothing. (Spawn)


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How do you feel it?

When you and your friends farm a boss 1.5 m HP but no one get drop.

This SS was taken when my pt trying to farm Spawn

The mobs wake so fast, and the boss fears my char and evade after

We are continue to farm till the boss died. No Hand! -_-

It's okay about the difficulty, but give us Bar at least for repairing our gears.




Hope they add the bar to drop list. :D

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If you want bars then farm those mobs :P



I was farmed those mobs for an hour but just get 2 bronze bar. :D



Hmm the more money the more the merrier

I mean just for the boss, we get a Bar after kill it. Or spawn costume.

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You don't have to get a drop for every single mob you kill lel

I know Tod but 2 bars I got in first one hour, and no drop in next hour it's so damn.

I don't mind if every single mob doesn't drop any stuf

But the boss drops bar at least.

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Ya our game isn't based on logic


Copper should be 100


And make a bronze bar for 250

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and you can craft bronze out of copper bars omg



Hmm... Why not let boss drop anything when getting killed, i mean like

how ever you try, you get a silver bar, plus a lucky drop like costume or sphere lel

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higher drop rate as in a decrease in the rate where there is NO drop at all. Costume and rare rates are fine IMO

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Today, my pt waste 5 stams in dg lv 26. And look we kill the boss by 3 players only.

Im very surprised when opening the chest. I got [Common Essence] and other ppl got [Coviello Gingerbread] :o

Thanks for the event :v

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Damn, so lucky. :o

Maybe the GM hates me . :D (whispering)

Lucky os for people who even get a drop.

Me id say is probably.... The most IMPOSSIBLE thing to ever do.

No one else can do it xD also its been near 2 months ago since it happened /: lmao

And dw man kill joker i heard that also drops weps and a good rate

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