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  1. is kronus a Heroic dg? wouldn't think it would drop there..but that's awesome! nice costumes gm i like the activity. starting 2018 with good footing! kudos.
  2. do you know how much seekers are? nice. maybe need more drops to pay for seeker sets 65k each
  3. whatever nerd squad. all who complain are spoiled brats. just be a good boy like REAPER and stay in line!
  4. complaining is the root of accountability. if you want to be a sheep and stay quiet when game is flawed that's you, sheep.
  5. maybe they're fixing the low drop rate that made many players quit and stop buying mcoins. who wants to financially support a game when they invest so many hours in dg spamming and get only trash as loot? From my experience..when a game is good to me I am good to the game. no drop no credit card yeah why would they complain when game doesn't work? this is crazy hard to understand
  6. Daria I understand there are many channels and many messages..but I messaged you on September 17 and still no reply to my message.
  7. I'm trying to add MC through steam wallet and it's not working. Management (Daría) never replies to messages. Guess I'll take my money elsewhere. And I'll be spreading the word.
  8. Guild FearClan, lost leadership due inactivity

    This is unfortunate. Maybe make it 4 weeks?
  9. Lol! Jack of all trades, master of none. "How better" is not correct. Google is your friend ❤️
  10. I think you meant to write.."Show us how MUCH better you do". & I don't work for free. If ws staff wants an upgrade in the editing department they can contact me directly. I guess typos and incorrect grammar can slide when the game isn't really that popular..but as popularity may or may not rise in the future there will be a greater demand and higher standard for these written articulations and the professionalism they put forth.
  11. Who writes these things? You guys need an editor?
  12. T4 All Bosses

    I'm doing all bosses in T4 on a daily basis if anyone would like to party up. Also I need experienced pt to help me with TP easy & normal. Thanks guys pm me in game- Headcheese US SAPPHIRE
  13. Put confirmation tab in dealer menu

    More accidental clicks = more $$ for devs. Their community disengagement is losing them players and will cost them more money in the long run. If they were doing their job right community would be growing rather than getting smaller like it has been. Good devs are supposed to grow the game not diminish it in size and value. My suggestion to devs? Pay more attention to your community, actually read player suggestions, and take action accordingly I love the toggable in settings idea. Kudos
  14. Lol what a smart "butt" answer for a lack of a better term. Way to speak to the community that pays your bills and keeps you in that silly job
  15. Guild Houses (not warehouses)

    I like this idea.. especially the chaos pot effect to pvp guild members for fun Savage