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  1. yep! im looking forward to it.
  2. server is a server. it does not mean one needs to be a specific race, language or time to be in a server. for us mc side, it sucks. US-mc warspear is dying. elves are ruling i tried to come back after sea graveyard update but i think its not worth. warspear's goin to die soon. i think im prepared to say goodbye to it.
  3. we have a castle in the sky. now its castle under the sea. it gets me everytime with these people keep going about swimming. rofl id rather go swimming in norlant swamps to get to my quest easily than relying on those random portals
  4. seems like we have a very old player here. i just wonder how it works if they do remove that bow? since if they do unequip it, maybe they cant equip it again? i think?
  5. XeNoN


    Hello Do u play in Legion side of US realm? if so u can ask me if u need some help.
  6. XeNoN


    seriously? why is no one talking about charmers those dogs, annoying barking dogs and chirping birds.
  7. wow thats good to hear.
  8. totally agree. i just remembered an item drop by killing the spirit of gray hollow from ayvondil t1 quest. which u can get if you have satraps quest taken. Before, this item was used to enter portal down to satraps. but now its not needed anymore. dev's should actually rework the bait quests. reduce respawn for at least half of how long the respawn time right now, maybe just make the bait's corpse be seen until 2mins left to respawn, so that we can know when the bait is going to respawn. or if the baits are not killed. reduce its respawn time. had an experience in US server this bd guy do quests solo and he activate baits a lot. another idea, make separate bait area for each of 2 alliances. sentinels/legions can only activate their own baits. (but actually this seems to negate the thrill of bait competition vs opposing team so i say no to this) its just my idea
  9. actually the phoenix+firebird reward was quite misleading. i was waiting for when oracle will come and i would try getting 1st on good luck tokens, since its impossible for me on festive dungeons to get 1st. Tokens would've been my only chance. But i saw the rewards phoenix+firebird so i did not care. Also why no Oracle of the Veil costume in Token Merchant. At least compensate & put Oracle of the Veil on Token Merchant
  10. i see thanks. so i just noticed the phoenix & firebird reward in Good Luck Token category was an error and is fixed. lol thought it was really phoenix and firebird.
  11. incomplete info. rewards in good luck token category 1st place are Phoenix & firebird with magic christmas caches and btw is Oracle of the veil costume the same with the oracle of the pall costume? or the name was just changed?
  12. want a lot of gold in just easy steps? ask em to add gold bars or all kinds of bars that will be available through mcoin shop. viola! no need farming if you are lazy farming. hahaha peace yow!
  13. okay, every player who won 1st place lost it i guess. because my big bro said his friends still has the skill, lets say his friends won 2nd or 3rd. yea looks like it.
  14. useless drops? r u serious? okay i understand that's your own opinion. im diggin this snow map BGM great work aigrind
  15. Okay, first of all this aint mine, it's my brothers'. I just want to help him get it fixed. since the in-game's Bug report option is currently unavailable. As you can see the Wrath of Gladiator Skill is gone, even though he got it from the previous season he won. It was gone after the snow update. i mean after he update to 7.8 version which is Snow Boundaries 2018 Thats all, hope it gets fixed! Happy Holidays!
  16. Links to test client: Android 4.0.4 and less http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.9.1-test/warspear-oldsdk.apk Android 4.1 and higher http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.9.1-test / warspear-newsdk.apk Windows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.9.1-test/warspear.exe Windows Desktop OpenGL http://distr.warspear-online.com/ distr / 7.9.1-test / warspear-gl.exe take note! some links has some mistakes. like it has space in between
  17. oh! hahaha sorry guys my bad. i did not install test. maybe ill join on second wave. Batman saves the day.
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