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  1. Just many bugs. And A pretend GvG concept. Developers do not know what pvp is or what it stands for.
  2. Ah good times since we posted about dragonskey-
  3. Much much later. Let's assume 2020. Some very big questions with very little answers but if I may ask: Will level 30 Armour of Greatness be in the T5, Sector update? What is max imperial points? You understand the concept for GvG, But what of PvP? Does that exist? And lastly please don't give The T5 sector Raid boss lame Book Enhancements, I can almost be sure you will implement Dodge and parry enhance as Drops for the next Raid boss. Thank you for your time and this update Development team, Yours truly - The one player you won't pvp (:<
  4. Yea we're looking at the ones you will only post. (Your wins) not the opponents. And as Clearly shown in the shots taken above you have lost well more then over 10+ times. You will never show how many times you have lost the fight.
  5. The one you didn't want to show on Purpose. 🙂
  6. Eww is that what he looks like ril XD. Nice to see you posted more proof that broly was at a disadvantage and that buu had 2 Buffs. Regardless Broly has Beaten BUUUU 10-4 in nadir. The people there can even pm you at your request.
  7. For those that have questions regarding who wins and loses in pvp. Broly = Alejandro As far as best players in classes go hmm.. Too many are good players. But at the end of each class is the Top player for Ranger Druids Priests n such. You guys decido who and if you want any more Screens of pvps please feel free to pm me on forum. Though I'm very rarely here...
  8. The answer for this is so simple even younger players can figure it out. As you can plainly see: the total % for physical damage in 4 accessories is only 26% while for magic players it's 50%. The logic there, Even I don't know. But it up to the administration to show balance, if such exists.
  9. That was the year gm read my mail and introduced Lifesteal. And on that event I did everything I could to get the most op weapon, Night prince Bow. Also Will there be [Book "Enhanced Resistance"] This event too? What's the % of it because last event it wasn't told. But for every other event you told % of other books to parameters.
  10. If an idea like this gets out and developers actually make this, it would be a new revival to warspear. I can garentee you EVERYONE even players that Quit, Will come back just for such a huge update like that. But, developers are against pvps n such, so I highly doubt (X) something so amazing will exist in near future. Sorry.
  11. My voice was heard! Only 1 issue left. When will Awards Rotate so that amulet of greatness and cloak of greatness and ring of greatness can be in different Bracket? Another issue is the Imperials prices for these contenders are a bit high. We all expected just lower. Especially since they don't give % Thank you for your time administrators
  12. Now comes down to 2 very important questions. 1) Will Cotenders return as well? Or permanently Dissappear from arena ranks. 2) will accessories rotate for more variety in changing which Brackets to win (Example: Ring in 3x3) amulet (2x2) Ect.? @All developers
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