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  1. Double Miracle coin offer for Black Friday week is a scam. They just halved the offers, then doubled them to make it look like double coins. The majority of offers at least are doing this "trick" that only innumerate kids would fall for.
  2. Was on my Necro, trying to fight some bosses, and I noticed that all the ranged minions will go into melee range to attack bosses. This can't be right can it? Anybody else notice this? I've tried with the cat healer and the crossbow skeleton, both run up to the boss and die in seconds from the mobs that surround the boss...
  3. I thought the food loss was game mechanics too, same as if you cancel when crafting, you lose the materials.
  4. Joker's a Batman reference, the bit about where he "Escaped from the Asylum" gives it away.
  5. I think that they mean that they can't log in to their account using Facebook.
  6. If you're on android you need to update your phone to 4.03. It was in an announcement a few weeks ago.
  7. Well, think of all the classes with an AOE attack. That gives you a chance to stun each enemy you hit, making 1 stun crystal much more effective than you'd think in PvE or Arena. Not to mention that any class with a Shield gains another way to avoid the stun (Block + Parry & Dodge).
  8. They need a neutral Dealer, like in Warcraft. Put it in Ayvondil or Nadir, or any other neutral town. That way MC can sell Bow/X-Bows to Elves, sure MC's lose out on the weapon type, but we can drain the elves of their gold!
  9. I say we need a boxing ring. No weapons, just armour and some special skills. People could bet gold on the winner too.
  10. But doesn't the Crystal of Stuns % depend on the level of the weapon being enchanted, like other Mcoin Crystals? Not exactly the same as a weapons stun %, but still relevant I guess.
  11. Always used to play a rogue on Warcraft... That's it.
  12. But isn't there a level 24 dungeon too? If so, you should be able to get drops from there, besides not all level 22 players have level 22 gear, sometimes even level 20 items are an upgrade.
  13. Mordonis


    My stealth has been doing that since the update too. Even swapping screens doesn't reset it, I have to enter and exit combat to use it.
  14. Anybody else noticed that the fireworks quest is only availible in ayvondil, and that the quest is called "Quest not Found?" Not sure if it was just me...
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