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Chuck Norris Of Warspear

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Roland can count to infinity. Twice. While killing elm. With bare hands. before doing all dungeon runs. Without any stamina. All in exactly 4 seconds. He said he might try counting to infinity 3times on Christmas event.

Lol I like this one with doing dungeon without using stamina :D :D

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R0land does not talk to us on ws because he knows, that one word will change the fabric of space and time... Wait, i was talking about a slight breeze which comes out of his mouth when he once tried to talk without destroying everything. Tried. I'll probably get banished to the other realm for this, doubting R0land. Anyway, when he tried to talk, the fabric of space and time changed, allowing people to go back in time and redo quests in one day for multiple times. Lord R0land saved us, good that he fixed it. Also, a word?!?! A word will undo absolutely everything. Nuff said

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R0land can see John Cena


Actually R0land was in Charge of the Speae, but when he touched it it burst so he convinced the gods of arinar that they did it


When R0land is at the toilet it is known as "omg lucky drop lol" and everyone in wc says that they are in the same party as the one blessed with an ultimate drop

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Been working with the yanks of late and the amount of chuck Norris jokes Ive heard is limitless and hilarious,, some examples


Chuck Norris can kill 2 stones with 1 bird


Chuck Norris doesnt believe in religion, religion believes in chuck Norris


Chuck Norris can read Braille


Anymore for anymore

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