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reassess skill rogue "Extermination "


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In my opinion this new skill " extermination " should be renewed in some respects:

-it should have a longer duration of use!

-And as we use in combination with the skill " Stealth " should not remove the invisibility !


fix this!

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Longer duration?? Did u try at lvl 3 or lvl 4??

Yep, its a bug with the invisibility skill

yep i have been tested with lvl 4! and lasts approximately 11-13 Seconds!


I think , you use the skill " extermination " shortly after " Stealth " and then " poisonous blades " , only using in this order you would spend spending 4-5 seconds so townhouse only 7 seconds of skill " extermination " And Then you go towards the opponent , Achieving not always come quickly , Then it will Remain 2-5 seconds of skill " extermination " and que at level 4!

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doesn't raise the tax speed help damage per second from like throwing knife+ merciless strike+ elusive jump+ Throwing knife++ect...??? sorry I'm a new player so I really don't know exactly how the effect works... is your damage per second in real time or is it affected by your attack speed and how much?

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Rogues are already OP, stop complaining

you silly, tell me where is the OPness of rogue ? rogue having weakness, after stealth end up rogue ducked up :facepalm: there is no mcs class OP for right now

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So at Lv.1, the Extermination skill is active 18-20 seconds. But when I set it to Lv.2, the skill's timer drops to 8-10 seconds. What is up with that..?! Is it going to get berter at Lv.3 or 4, or should I have just stayed at Lv.1, what good is having faster Attacks & skill cooldown if you have less time to use them per Level..?

I'm kinda new to the game, but it seems like this skill was way better before Lv.2, at least I had time to look at my attributes in the menu before. Now the skill wears off before I can check the statys boost... seriously..!

Help me fix this?

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Suckerpunch would be an unarmed skill that would ignore defense and/or agility and damage the enemy. Basically, an unarmed version of backstab.

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