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  1. Damn can u put that Silver Aigrind logo in the game page.. Happy new year (Its already in Russia)
  2. Reminds me wen people were mad at seeing equipping parameter weapon for the first time
  3. Hmm, A solution-> Send the update version for iOS before hand..takes how many days??
  4. Harad' call now cost 80k..40k for banner skill and the rest for Harad's call. Sounds Legit !
  5. Tu Mc amit Merry Christmas..and god punish those who takes surprise exam o n Christmas eve
  6. GREAT! Btw a question, im downloading the game now..so Is it the new version?
  7. TBH, wenevr they announce an upcoming event, they would release it in advance like 1-2days earlier. They said they would release it in a week (as on 20th december)..Most likely it will be released in the Christmas
  8. Freakstone

    cant log in

    Two Seduce id?? Or Too Seduce?
  9. Angelo, thats not the prob..Sometimes, many are off..And they do their part. Warehouse entry must be there!
  10. Freakstone


    I did heroic 80-90(88times exactly)..none of my members got serpent..Is it a boss loot or chest loot? Cuz many of my members wer outside (wrong click/death) ..they couldn't take boss drop Pls extend the period of this event!
  11. Longer duration?? Did u try at lvl 3 or lvl 4?? Yep, its a bug with the invisibility skill
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